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From Kelly to Kelly: R. Kelly and Kelly Rowland Go ‘All The Way’

r-kelly-kelly-rowlandR. Kelly is set to release his new album, Black Panties, and he has enlisted star collaborators.  Today the Chicago native released a new track, “All The Way” that features Kelly Rowland.

According to

“R. Kelly and Kelly Rowland are going ‘All the Way.’ The R&B icon and Destiny’s Child diva close the curtains and keep the bed rocking until the early morning on their steamy slow jam off Black Panties.

“There ain’t no such thing as a half with sex, so baby boy, we might as well go all the way,” coos Kelly in a falsetto, while Kellz responds, “You don’t know if you’re addicted till you relapse from detox of loving each other.”

R. Kelly’s Black Panties album is scheduled to be released on Dec. 10, but he’s also followed the recent trend of music artists and unveiled a free preview online. The album is reminiscent of Kelly’s early career days.

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Black Panties was inspired by — you guessed it — a swarm of panties being thrown at R. Kelly during a concert. “I was on stage doing my Love Letter tour and I broke down into “Seems Like You’re Ready,” Kelly told Vibe. “So I start singing (the line) “Temperatures rising” and here come the panties. It was all different colors but then this one particular pair of panties—they were black and medium—landed on my mic and my wrist, and immediately I said, that’s a sign. I gotta go back and write a song called ‘Black Panties.'”

Check out the R. Kelly and Kelly Rowland “All The Way” track below.

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