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Get Up On This: Childish Gambino Drops “Telegraph Ave”


Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) is getting ready to release his new project Because The Internet and he’s in full promotion mode. Gambino released a new trailer for the album yesterday and now, less than 24 hours later, he’s dropping a new single, “Telegraph Ave.”  As reported by

“Childish Gambino expressed some (feigned?) annoyance when his Because the Internet track “Sweatpants” leaked last week. Today, however, Mr. Glover himself tweeted out a link to download ‘Telegraph Ave.’ Well, to be fair, he retweeted the link from actor Michael B Jordan, though that could well be part of his planned “imaginative rollout.” Either way, the release is Gambino approved.

‘Telegraph Ave’ sees Gambino hazily singing over a cool, gauzy beat Drake wouldn’t shy away from. Lyrically, the track focuses on one of the rapper’s favorite topics: girls and the emotional turmoil they cause. ‘If you tell me ‘turn around’ then I’m on it / For the moment / but you know me, you know how I get when I’m lonely,” he breathes. The album title also makes a lyrical appearance during the rapped mid-section: “And you’re saying it’s because of the Internet / Try once and it’s on to the next chick.'”

Childish Gambino’s Because The Internet is scheduled to be released on December 10.

Check out Childish Gambino’s  “Telegraph Ave” track below.

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