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The Other Half: No Malice From The Clipse “Bury That” Video


When the rap group Clipse came out years ago, the duo, comprised of brothers Pusha T and Malice, were spitting street rhymes about the drug game and growing up in Virginia.  However in recent years, Malice  became heavily involved in the church, changed his name to No Malice, and backed away from the subject matter that helped make them a household name.

This hiatus and religious exile eventually forced Pusha T to go solo as he signed with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label and released his official solo album My Name Is My this year. With Pusha receiving rave reviews and becoming one of the most celebrated MCs these past few years, it appeared that No Malice was cool playing the background but that’s about to change.

No Malice is back on the scene and recently released his new album “Hear Ye Him” with a more uplifting message and dropped his new video “Bury That” today.  According to

“No Malice’s debut solo album Hear Ye Him has dropped, and with it comes a new video for “Bury That” featuring Jon Bibbs. No Malice takes shots at the American dream and addresses rumors about beef between him and his brother Pusha T. Ab-Liva, Fam-Lay, and Pusha T are all featured on the new LP.”

It’s great to see  No Malice getting back into the spotlight.  It would be even better if No Malice and Pusha T could get back together and make another Clipse album that recaptured the magic they had on “Grindin.””

In the meantime check the No Malice “Bury That” video below and download the No Malice “Hear Ye Him” album here.

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    I like this song..alot!

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