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Big Moves: Apple Buys PrimeSense The 3D Sensor Company That Makes Xbox Kinect

apple-buys-primesenseApple is known for making acquisitions that will help to bolster its product. Apple did so a few years ago when it acquired Siri, and just last year it bought security company Authentec, which needed up providing the fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5S. Now Apple is making more news by acquiring 3D sensor company PrimeSense, which is most known for making the sensors that powers Microsofts Xbox Kinect hardware. As reported by

“Apple has confirmed its acquisition of PrimeSense, the Israeli startup behind the 3D sensor in Microsoft’s Kinect camera peripheral for the Xbox 360. An Apple spokesperson gave All Things D the following prepared statement, which it typically uses in such situations: “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

The final purchase price was around $360 million, according to All Things D‘s sources.Globes, which first reported news of the completed acquisition on Sunday, put the price at between $300 and $350 million. Rumors of the buyout circulated in July in Israeli newspaper Calcalist, then again earlier this month.

Apple has a vast amount of products that it could possibly add this product ranging from the iPhone to the much rumored iTV. According to

“There is no end of possibilities for what Apple could or would do with the technology developed by PrimeSense. The company has made meaningful leaps in capturing depth and motion, and it used the technology in the first Kinect sensor for Microsoft Corporations Xbox. Microsoft now uses its own technology in the sensors, but it’s clear what the folks at PrimeSense can do and what Apple might want to use their technology.

“A couple of key products many are speculating about is Apple Inc.’s rumored iTV and smart watch. Sensors could be used to turn gestures into commands and fully enhance their use, especially in big-screen items like a television.”

Time will tell how Apple ends up integrating PrimeSense into its products, but based on previous acquisitions, it will probably be something game changing.

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