10 Powerful Black Female Superheroes We Love


superheroe crimson avenger

Crimson Avenger (2000)

Jill Carlyle, also known as the Crimson Avenger is a minor Spirit of Vengeance. Once a practicing lawyer, the Crimson Avenger uses a pair of Colt pistols to exact vengeance upon criminals.

She possesses the powers of teleportation and intangibility. Her guns never miss, never run out of ammunition, and have no triggers. The bullets are capable of penetrating any substance, and can wound invulnerable heroes such as Superman and Power Girl, as well as crack the armored shell of Captain Atom.

The guns seemingly have a force of their own, as she speaks of having to restrain them from shooting those who come between her and her target. Her intangibility does not function against her own weapons or other magical forces. Until the curse is lifted, she is seemingly immortal.

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