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11 of The Most Racist Movies Ever Made



Song Of The South (946)

Disney’s attempt to promote racial unity in the 1946 film “Song Of The South” was a complete failure. Based on post-Civil War plantation life, the story is difficult to watch, especially its portrayal of the ex-slave, Uncle Remus, who is so happy with his circumstances in the South.

Time magazine called the film “topnotch Disney.” In 2003, the Online Film Critics Society ranked the film as the 67th greatest animated film of all time. A special Academy Award was given “To James Baskett for his able and heart-warming characterization of Uncle Remus.”


Gone With The Wind (1939)

“Gone With The Wind” glorifies the South during the time of slavery by suggesting that the region was better off during that era. It features heroine Scarlett O’Hara whose husband dies fighting for the Confederate Army in the Civil War. After her loss, the film drags viewers through a series of her hardships, implying that her life was so much better before Abraham Lincoln emancipated the slaves.

Frank S. Nugent for the The New York Times found it to be an “interesting story beautifully told”.

At the 12th Academy Awards held in 1940, Gone with the Wind set a record for Academy Award wins and nominations, winning in eight of the competitive categories it was nominated in, from a total of thirteen nominations.

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212 thoughts on “11 of The Most Racist Movies Ever Made

  1. Allister says:

    Interesting! But don’t forget Jackie Brown, where the n word is used many, MANY times – the most I’ve heard of in one film. Coach Carter was correct: If you don’t want the white man to call you that, don’t call yourselves that. Also, Die Hard 3 should be on the list. The sight of John McClaine [Bruce Willis] walking around in Harlem with an insanely racist message on a sandwich board is a scream – until you are screaming as the brothers chase you.

  2. El Cid says:


  3. theatrebear says:

    That American classic you mention is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Not Tiffanies.

    And nothing from Spike Lee, one of the most racist, anti-white directors around? Just a list that tries to purport anti-black sentiment. Not saying you’re wrong, just that I think you maybe should have balanced it out a bit.

  4. gt says:

    Memo to Hollywood: all non-white persons must be depicted in a positive light. It’s done!

  5. gt says:

    My list would be as follows: “Channon Christian” (about the brutal rape and murder of a young white woman by a gang of blacks and how the story was virtually ignored by the media.)
    “The Duke Scandal” (depicting the phony accusations of rape by a black woman against white students and how the media inflamed the entire fabrication.)
    These films and a thousand others I could name are racist because they’ve NEVER BEEN MADE due to Hollywood’s politically correct cowardly mandate to never offend blacks. So count your blessings, blacks of America, the distortions of Hollywood are now on your side.

  6. Brian says:

    White Dog is NOT a racist movie! It’s a fascinating tale ABOUT racism. Do your homework!

  7. sas says:

    Anti-semantic rants? Really? You need to be edited more carefully.

  8. Everyone and everything is racist these days … just as long as they are White. Drop the guilt trip and embrace the White Race. Join the Church of Creativity and fight for White Rights.

  9. He Cant Say That says:

    I think you need to drop the inferiority complex, dude. There are far more movies racist towards white dudes these days, but you won’t see us complaining, because wee’re happy being white.

    Since the 1980s the most authoritative figure in any movie is now black.

    Fact (of the racist variety).

  10. Fathead says:

    Church of Creativity? Seriously, what has creativity have to do with conforming to a religion? And fighting? All glory hypnotoad…

  11. burkanuck says:

    I see most of the comments are negative and for good reason, the guy who wrote this article is a complete idiot. Poorly conceived idea, pathetically poorly written and grossly uninformed. What an embarassment.

  12. Stuart Wilson says:

    Totally agree with burkanuck. This feature has been written by an amateur who clearly knows little about film. Along with the annoying pop-under ads that you get for every new page, this is my first visit to this site, and my last.

  13. Bill Weavers says:

    I appreciate you saying White Chicks is racist. But what about White Man Can’t Jump? What about Legally Blonde? Is there something wrong with having blonde hair! Do I need a permit to say “yeah you can have blonde hair.” I think you deliberately missed these ones because there is this notion that you can somehow be racist towards white people and it’s ok because of “white guilt.”

    Passion of the Christ is a story that’s been told for 2000 years and so how could it be racist? It’s “racist” because people don’t like the story more like it.

  14. Bill Weavers says:

    Yeah, when will people realize that we get discriminated against too? I think that us white people should fight back because we’ve heard other races complain ad infinitum about discrimination. Are they saying white people don’t suffer discrimination? WTF as they say.

  15. Mootak says:

    Who proofread this thing? More grammatical errors than some essays I’ve seen by elementary school students.

  16. Anna says:

    If there are “far more movies racist towards white dudes these days”, name them. Your generalizations show how ignorant you are.

    “Since the 1980s the most authoritative figure in any movie is now black.” Again, examples? Otherwise you’re just rambling idiot thoughts and claiming them as fact.

    And if your example in any way includes Morgan Freeman, you should really take a course in race relations and analysis in popular culture because your opinions are not only unsubstantiated, they lack any sort of evidence or insight. Look up the “Magical Negro” effect and you maybe your world will open up and you’ll discover how stupid you truly are.

  17. Jocko says:

    Wow, this site blows, and the writer is a moron. I’m getting the feeling that he didn’t even watch half these movies, nor did he have an editor check his work. Last time I’m coming here.

  18. AJones says:

    No proofreaders on your staff, apparently.

  19. tylerderbun says:

    If The Last Samurai was/is racist…then The Last Samurai in space…aka AVATAR is racist for the exact same reason…because its pretty much the exact same plot. But in space. And whats more racist than replacing Japanese actors with 10′ blue aliens!


    Sister Act is also racist too. White folks cant sing until a black woman shows up? RACIST!!!!

    All of the Beverly Hills Cops movies are racist. All white cops are bumbling fools until the slick, streetwise Eddie Murphy shows up and teaches them how to be real police? RACIST!!!!!

  20. tylerderbun says:

    some needs to call Jesse Jackson and his protege Toure…hollywood is chalk full of racists!!! The original Planet of the Apes? Racist. the lighter skinned orangutans rule the place while the darker skin gorilllas are the muscle.

  21. tylerderbun says:

    and tyler perry is a racist too. he does all those ‘angry black women’ movies. is that racist trying to suggest there are no calm, collected, rational black women out there??

    what a racist.

    someone call Al Sharpton.

  22. tylerderbun says:

    and lets not forget True Lies with Arnold and Jamie Lee Curtis! totally racist! how dare they portray radical islamists as violent terrorists! If the violent radical islamists ever find out about THAT movie, well they just might storm a nearby embassy just to show how upset they are about being protrayed as violent.

    on second thought…hold off…they are still up in arms over that last film…

  23. tylerderbun says:

    Major League? Racist.

    the two black guys are a speedy flashy street type hustler (who cons his way to tryouts) and the voodoo practicing large black guy who cant hit the curve.


  24. Rebecca Smith says:

    EXCELLENT point. most people never heard of thugee. The word thug is derived from the cult of Thugee. Thug Behram was the creator of the cult that strangled upwards of 30,000 people as sacrifices to KALI, the hindu god of creation, preservation AND destruction. Thug Behram is thought to have strangled up to 931 people himself.

    BUT the goddess they worshiped WAS a hindi god, they were born hindus – just interested in a little sacrifice towards their preferred HINDI goddess. Also made a living robbing their ‘sacrifices’. Hindus are still today frequently arrested for kidnap and sacrifice of children in rituals, so don’t get yourself too high and mighty about it.

    The movie is NOT racist towards anybody anyway. Good point on the religion is not a race thing though.

  25. Rebecca Smith says:

    THANK you – Spike Lee, the self righteous prig who demands every white movie have black characters, regardless of what the movie is about or whether any white people would have been involved with whatever the movie is depicting. He makes me vomit. I despise him on every level. Well he did make some good movies, but, also his movies pretty much only use black people – so his double standard as when he attacked Clint Eastwood for his WW2 movie about the raising of the flag famous photo, stating he could have and should have used blacks, and black people were in WW2 blah blah – but that regiment didn’t have any blacks. Clint Eastwood said he thought Spike lee should shut his big fat mouth.

    You should look up that story, it’s incredibly funny – they had a verbal sparring match back and forth via journalists.

  26. Rebecca Smith says:

    Your reply sounds as much like a hypnotoad as the comment you replied too. Hypnosheep.
    The church of CREATIVITY doesn’t refer to being a creative person, it refers to ‘creation’ as in what god did. The church of creativity believes people should worship their own race, over any fake god creature.

  27. Rebecca Smith says:

    Well, you are certainly not a ‘magic negro’ but just the common variety.

    I don’t know about movies, but, it’s very common, as in say TV series about police and/or forensic technics for the Boss to be black and/or a black female, for the intellectual scientists to mostly be black, black forensic geniuses, blah blah blah. OKAY the exist, DEFINITELY in the lopsided world of government funded jobs where blacks are hired or promoted ‘just because’ but the television shows I watch, i get sick of the constant portrayals which outnumber population realities, just due to numbers.

    Also, seeing as how you are american, count yourself as having at LEAST the average of 18% Europoid DNA, meaning – you aren’t really BLACK. Not like from days gone by and not like in Africa.

  28. donte says:

    yo rebecca obama/bush have kill mo peoples than behram.$ get off your racist high.hundu dont sacrifices living things.your coment there is pure hate!western media always show lies about asian peoples period,

  29. Arrow says:

    Temple of Doom has nothing to do on this list. That particular Indian community was under the influence of a cult and were in no way meant to represent the Indians as a whole. Besides, it’s a big plot point that most of them are under mind control.

    And the logic for the Last Samurai is also very weak. Just because the main character is white and is helpful to the the Japanese doesn’t mean it’s racist. The whole point of the film is him realizing that the Japanese culture is precious and must be preserved.

  30. Robin Harrison says:

    Very condescending piece, which incites some of the most moronic, neanderthal comments I have ever seen. Almost as bad as reading the insanity spewed by USC professor Todd Boyd, who would find racism in a bowl of guacamole.

  31. Maria says:

    Most of your information on the Thuggee cult is based on testimony from the British Raj, who had a vested interest in lying about Hinduism, the Thuggees, and Indian people in general. Please stop representing their propaganda as actual facts.

    Also, that movie is one of the most racist movies I’ve ever seen, and I say this as an actual Indian person. Unless you believe Indian people eat monkey brains and practice ritual sacrifice. Not to mention the godawful Asian stereotyping in the beginning with Chinese gangsters.

    God save me from Indiana Jones fans who refuse to acknowledge the blatant racism of this movie.

  32. Maria says:

    Sorry, but you don’t get to dictate how an oppressed group refers to themselves. If you’re not black, you don’t get to use it, and you don’t get to tell them they can’t use it. That’s not your call to make, you are not the arbiter of language and how people use it.

  33. Maria says:

    You are clearly a racist troll and none of your arguments are worth refuting. Please go be white and stupid somewhere else.

  34. Jacob says:

    How is Blazing Saddles not on here????

  35. phil says:

    If Mickey Rooney’s character in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is a “Japanese-American”, then I suppose Nelson Mandela is an “African-American”, Osama bin-Ladin was an “Arab-American”, and Queen Elizabeth is an “English-American”?

  36. DBM says:

    Your right Maria, no one should dictate how a group refers to themselves. But on that note, the word will not go away if it is used over and over. And as you mention “you are not the arbiter of language and how people use it.” So don’t be surprised when racists use the term.

  37. Deborah Macaoidh Selim says:

    I thought that sounded interesting, so I checked it out. If that’s the pinnacle of human evolution, we all might as well kill ourselves right now. I would definitely want to if I were one of these supposed “Women of Revolution.” Why anyone would worship any kind of humans is beyond me. “Worship”? Really? I worship no human because none has earned such a thing. I hope I’m wrong about any gender inequality, but a man wrote that bible and most of the website, and the women’s articles have only initials. What’s going on with the pictures of the cleavage and tape measure and of course the woman from the revolution painting with her shirt ripped half off? If it had been painted recently, it would likely be more bare than that.

    “Show preferential treatment in business dealings with members of your own race. Phase out all dealings with Jews as soon as possible. Do not employ niggers or other coloreds. Have social contacts only with members of your own racial family.” By posting here or even going to this site, this Reverend is breaking his own rule. He isn’t a separatist or a revolutionary, he’s a typical human male and the direct cause of all the world’s problems. It’s also very alarming to imagine the amount of indoctrination this congregation is subjected to. It’s easy to claim supremacy when you can’t listen to any other opinions that might make more sense. Actually, if nature is truly the ultimate decider and combines the best qualities of a species in the evolutionary process, the separatist lifestyle makes no sense whatsoever. The idea that anyone outside the group has nothing to offer in the realms of intelligence, talent, and physical prowess is ludicrous unless he’s the smartest man alive. Transhumanists and their societies most likely trounce everyone, or will, as much as I hate to admit it.

    I wish could discuss everything wrong with that website, but I’ve already spent to much time on it as it is.

    And, whoever wrote this article, please be more accurate and grammatically correct! This contribution doesn’t promote equality, it gives racists an example of stupidity to show everyone who will look.

  38. Deborah Macaoidh Selim says:

    “Rebecca” is a Semitic name from the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, btw. Just so you know. Mine is, too, but I don’t care about all of that. And mine is about someone who rebuked the male leadership of the time for refusing to go to battle without her.

    Now I have to continue my research on the Carlyle Group. If you want to hate someone, hate them instead. I promise not to bring any “coloreds” back to the US with the intention of de-whiting your people. Okay? Get in touch if you need to talk. I was in a group like that before. More than one, but the second was not by choice. The “pastor” was basically the opposite of all he claimed, and that’s all I’m going to say.

    Your reverend, though… interesting person, there. That’s someone I would have a long conversation with. Not the smartest man in the world, yes, illogical, yes, racist because of fickle fortune, definitely, but stupid? No.

  39. Deborah Macaoidh Selim says:

    Mel Gibson is CATHOLIC. He portrayed Jews as Jesus’ killers. If he wanted to discredit Jesus because of anti-semitism, he would have not portrayed the crucifixion at all, since it’s the whole point of Jesus’ life.

  40. Anti-Bimbas says:

    Fuck off, you attention whore. There’s an Apu needing attention somewhere. Nobody, regardless of race and/or religion, likes whiny and ignorant attention whores. Go play that race card somewhere else, you ignorant, stupid bitch.
    Spike Lee is talented but also bigoted and a racist prick. The man has a point there; if you lack the brains to argue, then go bang your head on a wall, sister. You obviously have an inferiority complex against white people and, above all, you’re dumb as Hell for taking movies seriously.

    Don’t like ’em? Do what I do: don’t watch them., you pathetic wretch.

  41. Rufus F. says:

    Not only is White Dog an anti-racist story,; it’s also hard to say that Paramount was fine with the movie, as the article claims, given that they never released it once it was completed

  42. beb says:

    Passion of the Christ is racist because they killed a jew in it? Is this whole list just troll bait? Wow, what is the site?

  43. Arthur Reader says:

    I’m amazed that you can have a list of Hollywood’s most racist films and not mention “My big fat Greek Wedding”.

  44. Conserlaxitive says:

    “large black guy who cant hit the curve. ”

    ’cause we all know the black guys always wanna tap that curve.

  45. Daniel Taylor says:

    …sure, the problem with Hollywood is it’s deeply ingrained determination to be fair black people. That’s what it does these days.

    As long as they don’t want to be actors, obviously.

  46. Daniel Taylor says:

    No, they’re saying white people don’t suffer nearly as much discrimination. Which we don’t. Even remotely pretending we do is offensive; by “fight back” you mean “avoid doing anything about massive injustice by whining about how sometimes it’s bad for you too”.

  47. Daniel Taylor says:

    Legally Blonde isn’t racist nearly so much as it’s misogynist.

    (And I love your thesis that a story 2000 years old can’t be racist. Because, you know, people were such equal-opportunity liberals in the Roman empire.)

  48. Daniel Taylor says:

    Yes. Your point?

  49. Daniel Taylor says:

    No, the whole point of the film is that the Japanese are somehow incapable of preserving their own culture until a visiting white guy helps them. That it thinks it’s making the opposite point doesn’t make it less guilty of that cliche.

  50. John Swiss says:

    Funny how racism is perceived in the United States. It seems that only human beings with white pigmented skin CAN be racist, whereas those human beings with darker pigmented skin bear the right of being victims of bespoke racism……a historical “bonus” carried over for nearly a century since the segregation wars or beyond.

  51. dainty says:

    Movies aside, I don’t think that some white people have really tried to understand what its like to be discriminated against based on the colour of your skin. Look at the statistics and you will see the gross inequalities that exist in your society. Yes every race is portrayed using stereotypes in Hollywood but how many of those stereotypes are grounded in hurtful, harmful, vicious forms of racism. Racism is something that I experience every day, people think I am going to be vulgar, that I am going to fight them, they see me at work they think I am a office attendant, they see me in a store they think I work there, they are dismissive and condescending and when my supervisor tells them the same thing they are OK.

  52. AB says:

    I don’t want to be all “but there’s a mistake, let’s talk about it,” but it looks like this piece could have been a lot smarter. Here’s the thing: I haven’t seen White Dog. Is the description misleading, or the author’s conclusion completely wrong? It sounds like it’s explicitly about racism, not an endorsement of it. The IMdB seems to back this up. I’d love to see a really thoughtful piece that goes deep on this and brings up some surprising choices, if anybody has anything to recommend. Or if anybody can explain how the dog killing the black trainer at the end is an insane person’s endorsement of killing the black trainer instead of a deliberately bleak ending, that would be helpful.

  53. Chris says:

    I thought this link sounded interesting, so I clicked and started flipping through the images and reading the tirade. Needless to say, I was not impressed.

    Most people have never even heard of most of these movies. Several others were never intended to be taken seriously. I mean…Indiana Jones? I’m a huge fan of the movies, at least until the most recent one, but seriously? Anyone who takes Indiana Jones as anything other than pure pulp needs to go back to film school. There was never a moment, even when I was a child and watched them for the first time, that I took them seriously. They were pure action and fun. In case you missed it, in your hurry to find racism, they portrayed MOST of India in a very good light- friendly, loving, etc. It was only the rich and powerful who were portrayed in another way- and, in fact, it was the ones who’d had the most contact with the British that were portrayed in the negative light. Thus, your racism cry doesn’t quite work out.

    White Girls? Seriously? The movie was just dumb. Racism? Maybe a (failed) comedic look at the effects of it, at most. The movie itself certainly wasn’t racist in the way the author seems to think.

    The Passion Of The Christ? Check your history, or at least your Bible. It was faithful to what truly happened. And doesn’t paint Jews in a particularly bad light, unless you’re just looking for reasons to complain about a religious themed movie.

    I could keep going, but I think I’ve made my point. The most this article has done is make me want to watch the movies for myself, something the author most obviously didn’t even try to do, to see what has everybody so upset about.

  54. Chris says:

    No, actually that’s not even remotely the point of the film. And the fact that you seem to think it is makes me question whether or not you’ve even seen it.

    I’m not a Tom Cruise fan, so I haven’t seen the entire movie either. On the other hand, I HAVE seen enough to know that it’s about a White Guy who uses the information he possesses to help Group B (the group being attacked) defend themselves and defeat a Group A who is numerically superior, far more skilled in the arts and stratagems of war, and generally Not Nice People.

  55. Calvin S. says:

    The heading of this article says it all… How can you call this journalism? “Might be,” really? Please post real articles, not your racist opinion pieces. It’s sad that most articles by this author are about racism or “black celebrities who make the most money” or “top black actors.” You have readers by all races, so maybe open up your narrowed stream. Thank you for hopefully my point of view.

  56. anon says:

    Well i guess every movie is racist, for just put a protagonist white

  57. diesel48 says:

    gt really is out there..dude,you honestly have a small mind and live in a small sheltered world. you saying what you said definitely points to your racist beliefs. thank god the world is changing so that those that think(and act) like yourself are diminishing and becoming almost obsolete..goodbye wont be missed

  58. Patrick says:

    Nigga please lol you don’t have your own words you moron! You keep the stereotype alive with your stupidity! And I can say Nigga or Nigger anytime I choose and im a White Man. Your bitch ass ain’t telling me what I can say. Your word huh? Dumb-ass!!!

  59. Patrick says:

    Well put and simply said…

  60. Patrick says:

    Lies Dainty!!! If you look for racism, you will find it! Get away from the color and the hate and look for love and peace and you will find it…

  61. Just Another Reader says:

    “If you don’t think that two black brothers dressed up in white-face, commenting on social stereotypes of wealthy white people is racist, then you’re wrong.”

    I’ve got news for you, Mr. Cohen. Black people cannot be “racist” or exert racism over white people because black people do not have the institutionalized power to implement racist policy. In other words, YOU are wrong because you clearly don’t know what the word racism means.

  62. James says:

    Donte that was the most illiterate thing i have read in a while, are you trying to continue a stereotype with that kind of comment?

  63. James says:

    has no one mentioned The Last Samurai? This guy didnt even get any of the facts about the Japanese right in this, He claims that in 6 months they hadnt learned to use a modern rifle. First off they were a great fighting machine when Tom Cruise came back after those 6 months (hence why all the other samurais died at the end of the movie). Second they had never shot a modern weapon before the Americans got there, of course it would take some time to learn how to use a gun from that age, that’s why they hadnt learned enough to go into battle when Cruise’s character got captured, especially against an enemy who is one of the best fighting forces ever to walk the earth. Third Tom Cruises character was already a good soldier so it wouldnt be a surprise he could learn their fighting techniques. Fourth he was surrounded by people he at the time only spoke Japanese, of course he would’ve had to learn that language in those 6 months, most people if they are fully emersed in a language will learn how to speak that language. Do your homework Joe Cohen, did you even watch that movie? Also your grammar is horrible through this whole article, i seriously hope nobody pays you for this

  64. No ID says:

    Don’t you just love Key Board tuff guys. Come to DC and say that with your chest!

  65. UnblindMe says:

    Annoying to see people who are unwilling to educate themselves, research and come with an educated response. For one thing, several of you used the word anti-semitic. How about looking up the definition because I never heard any one say anything against Jews, which the word specifically applies to. Another thing, both blacks and whites keep perpetuating the problems. Whites who are unwilling to admit how they caused all of these issues with bigotry, hate, and jealousy ( understandable seeing that they’re the descendants of Cain). And Blacks, because of the brainwashing and manipulation continue to call themselves Blacks (which there is no such thing as). So if you want to end racism… stop referring to yourselves as titles that were given to you by people that came after you. and that word Nigger just keeps you from reaching your full potential as a species, culture and a people. You love to take pride in the scraps given to you. They fed you the left overs of the pig and now you LOVE chitlins They left to you the ghettos and you say “ghetto fabulous”. Wake up fools. All of you are just arguing because you’re emotional time bombs trying to find out who’s the blame and who’s at fault and not a single one of you seem to be looking within and saying “I’m part of the problem.” Be the change you want to see in the world or shut up and die.

  66. UnblindMe says:

    How about realizing the true agenda behind them all. Which is what the book “The Art Of War” calls Divide and Conquer. As long as you keep arguing on the petty plain of consciousness you are on you’ll continue to carry out that evil plan that none of you will ultimately benefit from. The ones who even started this blog/post is definitely part of the problem and not part of the solution. How about attacking people who even bring up this topic. Or better yet – if there’s even a hint of racism in a movie and you’re aware of it (and none of you are dumb enough not to be obviously) then be moral and wise enough to take a firm stance against watching it. Unless you’re just that much in a zombie state you can’t resist.

  67. UnblindMe says:

    THANK YOU! and just to tag on that. You steal them from their land, you take their name from them and place on them the title “black” while calling your “pink” skin “white” to set up a hierarchy for yourselves. You manipulate them through your language and Bibles and take them completely out of their element where they can no longer honor their mother or father because they no longer know them and then get mad if they express any ill feelings they have towards this. How about admit your faults and build a dialogue about how can we amend for over 400 years of slavery. How can we amend for the images we put on television to brainwash our own people to hate, dislike, etc… you’re clueless. Step out of the age of Aquarius into the age of Leo. If you even get what I’m saying. If not study study study and don’t say shit til you can come back with an educated answer. Robots.

  68. romeoone says:

    If you must pull hairs than Xenophobic, fear of the “other”; fear of something or someone different be it a religion or a group of people is probably more accurate. Nontheless xenophobia exists in the same socially reprehensible realm as active and passive racial hate.

  69. blah says:

    And the most racist of all? Trotting out the morality of movies made a hundred years ago as evidence of where we are as a people today, while we have a black American in his second term in the White House. It’s over. Get over yourself.

  70. Jeff Rittenour says:

    I never heard of anyone being scared of brown people because of this film – and I saw it theaters. when I was young. This being on here is stupid.

  71. Barrie says:

    Short Circuit should be on here as well… it features Fisher Stevens (a white actor) portraying an Indian character, stereotypical accent and all.

    North, from 1994, when Elijah Wood was still a kid features a scene where Kathy Bates and Graham Greene portray an Induit/Eskimo family. Which sucks because it’s more or a less a children/family film. I completely forgot about that scene/characters until I just re-watched the movie and it was pretty disheartening.

    Basically speaking, it’s racist in film and media for WHITE ACTORS to portray people of color and even more so when they use accents/dress/other things extremely stereotypical. If it’s a black actor portraying a black character (i.e. The Green Mile)… it may be stereotypical and rooted not without some form of preconceived prejudices, no doubt. But it’s much, much more racist for a white actor to portray a non-white character.

  72. Barrie says:

    Also, regards to My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

    The country of Greece is an ethnicity of Caucasian people.
    Nia Vardalos, the writer/director of MBFGW, is of Greek heritage herself (well, Greek-Canadian to be specific. She is from Canada with Greek ancestry.). The cast was basically all white actors.

    Stereotypical? Yes, but not even close to racist… because the woman is Greek, and Greek isn’t a race.

  73. Steve says:

    This idiot knows nothing. Making up stuff about 80 year old movies. What about all the racist Black movies? Huh huh?

  74. Skye says:

    Why is Gone with the Wind on here? The novel took place during the civil war in the SOUTH. I was glorifying the south? Her life was better before the end of slavery? OBVIOUSLY. She was the daughter or a wealthy plantation owner who grew up with a superiority complex of course her life was better before. What did you expect? The South was horrendously vicious to slaves, but they were not the main focus. The South was so enamored with their superiority thats a fact. You know what would have been worse? To act as if the obvious racial discrimination didn’t exist.

  75. sean says:

    “but that regiment didn’t have any blacks.”

    This is false. Even Clint Eastwood didn’t go that far. What he said was that there weren’t any blacks in the group that raised the flag (true). Then Lee pointed out all of the blacks that went up the hill with them (also true), and the numerous blacks who fought in the battle alongside them (also true), and then Clint Eastwood told him to shut his mouth.

  76. sean says:

    I agree with you but, to be fair, a movie can have progressive intentions and still wind up being racist.

    Plenty of stuff in the ’60’s can be pointed to to underline this, but ‘Walk Hard’ already made the point better than I would.

  77. Do liberals feel special when they are able to label something as racist? Is that a goal to be after? I’ve labeled something as offensive! Hooray

  78. Nico says:

    chris – you should watch the movie… while you give a pretty succinct synopsis regarding the point of the film – you’re missing the point of the racist overtones of the film, which has been replicated countless times in Hollywood, i.e., the white male protagonist saves the inferior natives from evil and takes the women… or in this case – kills the husband and takes the widow, which of course, she is more than ok with… i mean what asian woman wouldn’t be happy with a white man to come and save them from their oppressive asian men right? is it any wonder why so many american men have yellow fever in this country?

  79. Don Roberts says:

    If I recall Mandingo wasn't killed by hanging. He was forced to get into a vat of boiling water then killed with a hay fork. The plantation owner's wife was poisoned by her husband.

  80. White Dog was a anti racist movie the hell.

  81. Steven Losh says:

    Not one mention of "white man's burden" with John Travolta… Really?

  82. There are plenty of other films that could've easily made this list.

  83. Yes on White Dog anti. Strike Up the Band should be near the top of this list.

  84. Im so tired of this media trying to strike a nerve with racism. You take the time to post negative. What are positive well we have a black president we have a mayor with a former lesbian wife. Which is cool on all fronts. We have endured just as much a the jewish community. But we still are considered classless. No matter what people may think im black 24/7 its time to move past media even black media bs and be the best at whom we are. People.

  85. Goodbye Uncle Tom is the worst

  86. Why didn't the movie 'White Chicks' make this list? I guess that it is only racist when only people of color are offended.

  87. Hugo Sanders says:

    Gone With The Wind realistically portrayed the way war comprehensively destroys peoples lives. It so happens that Scarlet O'Hara's way of life was evil. I don't feel the story invites us to approve of what she does or like her as a person, but, to admire her gritty determination to survive. The story, from a racial point of view, raised a lot more questions than it answered. I think this is because at the time of telling, the story was still being written in American culture and was not concluded until the days of Dr Martin Luther King.

  88. Mansa Musa says:

    Mandingo and Drum are two of my new favorites. but yea, you can see a lot of them other movies on youtube and white folks glorify them movies in the comment section.
    im telling you, that white supremacy is the most powerful drug on earth.

  89. Take a look at Uncle Tom's Cabin, made out side the United states in a free down load on the computer.

  90. Rashad Wise says:

    I haven't heard of half these movies. Anything made before 1970 should be on this list as 1 mention. King Kong was a good pick. Left off the list was Tarzan, Mummy (2000), and other movies subtly promoting racism in the modern era.

  91. Am going to be watching a lot of these movies today. Never thought the Mummy was racist, have to see it again. Mandigo died in the vat of boiling water. I have that movie. You all should see '12 years a slave' though.

  92. Yeah, so this is not at all what happened in mandingo…

  93. Doris Leyba says:

    First time I saw the movie song of the south was on TV at 2 am in the morning, it was by accident, I a watched a few a moments of it and then it happened, a horse carring a dead black man, a slave, appeared; WHAT THE, THIS IS A CHILDS MOVIE? I turned the channel, couldn't watch, couldn't believe my eyes, this was the late 1900's headed for the 2000's.

  94. Doris Leyba says:

    One cannot forget the past of MisEducation of the Black Man, these movies are still being aired and tho you are fortunate to be a reader, those who are the most impressionable are not and thats a lot of people, of all colors. Negative Propaganda, like cigarette ads, continue to work subliminally. I have learned somethings about the movies I did see and the ones I haven't; that info will help me to educate my 2 sons about what to look out for, what not to except, what not to think light of. Its not enough to just have a Black president, heck Lincoln wasn't interested in freeing the slaves other than it would piss certain people off. Being the best at who we are requires knowledge to choose help choose things as simple as, should I straighten my hair or not?

  95. Scotty Reid LOL LOL LOL HE WILL GROW

  96. It's easy to see the person who wrote this has not really seen a lot of films. But that's okay…what I don't get is probably the most racist film in recent times "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" was not mentioned …but there are so many racist films nobody could really list them all.

  97. Neckru Bandit says:

    It showed if the roles were reversed. Not surprisingly the point escaped you.

  98. Aaron Berry says:

    Racism = Prejudice + Societal Oppresion

    Whites are only prejudged in the American society, but we've never whipped them, hanged them or put them to work. Your shitty argument is invalid.

  99. Jon Saboe says:

    This listing fails to mention that "Birth of a Nation" was promoted by President Wilson (D) and received a premier screening in his white house. In fact, the first movie ever shown in the white house. It was, in actuality, a Klan recruiting movie.

  100. Wilson was a "progressive" democrat much like the "aggressive" democrats of today.

  101. Jordan Pauley says:

    I'm going to pose an alternative viewpoint to a couple of these films. Some of the black folks in which white people may have come in contact with post-slavery was the Uncle Remus type, if they were otherwise good white people. Food for thought. As for "Gone With The Wind", slavery had need not been good for people to have suffer hardship after it ended… Sure, they should have suffered that hardship, the bastards. But when you're born into something and it takes a turn for the worst? It is a sad set of affairs. Racists can have life pain, too, lol. That is all. Just food for thought.

  102. Jon Saboe says:

    This is the same President Wilson who fired all black federal employees and segregated the post-civil war integrated military. Also, the same President who removed all mention of Black contributions to the Revolutionary War from school history books.

  103. Glester Thorpe says:

    LMAO at Scotty Reid… I concur…

  104. James Fivestargeneral Scott says:

    Raymond please never say you're Black again. You, sir, are an african american. A BLACK man understands these kind of articles, african americans like yourself are brainwashed enough to believe racism is dead in this country. african americans like yourself are far more dangerous to Black people than the neo-nazis

  105. Mike Pitts says:

    Exactly but I think it was boiling oil not water

  106. Are they sure they couldn't have made this list 12 and added "Gone With The Wind"?

  107. Are they sure they couldn't have made this list 12 and added "Gone With The Wind"?

  108. Most people I know have commented on the fact that Uncle Remus singing that blue bird song was one of the best musical segments they have seen. ??? I suppose they just did not know most slaves did not sing all of the time or , for that mattter, recently freed slaves. Scarlett was a bitch across the board. Hell, look how she treated Rhett for the Mama's Boy Ashley.

  109. Yusuf Jihad says:

    Well AT LEAST you know you are COLORLESS!!!

  110. Yusuf Jihad says:

    And in King Kong he was able to find the White Woman because of her SMELL too!!! (HAHAHA) He'd take the Black women and just EAT THEM!!! ALSO, DOES THAT LADY HAVE HER HAND IN KEN NORTON'S PANTS??? Now THAT'S some racist BULLSH*T!!!

  111. while these movies contain imagery of racism I feel they also depicted the strengthen of the oppressed… Mammy was a strong figure one who took care of her charges and handled life in a no nonsense manner… yes slavery was portrayed as something it wasn't but the strength of these oppressed people was amazing…it is part of American history… not pleasant but one that must be remembered

  112. Steven could you please explain how White Man's Burden was racist when it doesn't depict any factual accounts of white men being burdened and the point of the movie was to bring an understanding to whites on how people of color are viewed and treated in society by trying to get whites to IMAGINE what it would be like to be black

  113. Mansa Musa says:

    also, Mandingo was written by a white man whose son was a historian or anthropologist and knows this shit first hand. so its not racist, its history.
    the writer needs to do their research. i hope this site isnt owned or have white people writing articles for them like the other "black" websites

  114. Aaron Berry there are only two types of people who would make this argument. People who think that blacks are inferior to whites and this believe that white people will never experience racism. Or people who think that black people are superior to whites and thus deserve to be treated terribly because of some internalized oppression. Well I have news for you honey, black people can in fact be racist too so your argument is utterly stupid because you are equating racism to discrimination which isn't what this post is about. Making fun of someone for their skin color is racist. Making someone a slave for their skin color is both racist and discriminatory. Go back to school dear, maybe you can learn something called critical thinking.

  115. Moyo Mitchell says:

    Aaron Berry lol #Checkmate

  116. I don't know what this article is talking about, all black films made in holloywood are racist. I can sit down and critique everylast one and there will be racism, some of them are sumliminal.

  117. I do understand but it has to be more to life than people think and perceive us. just like how we post picks about an ideology of hes not black. James blackmen like u are dangerous. you misinterpreted what I said. you have no clue what I said the media and black media play all of us. make us mad with

  118. Mandigo was not in a relationship with the slave masters wife, he was being raped by her.

  119. Doris Leyba says:

    Raymond Conley, I Just had a conversation with a white female friend of mine. Nice lady, we have a lot in common especially since she was raised in the Caribbean. However, in her mind the playing field is level for Blacks and Hispanics. When I asked her had ever had to consider the ramifications of race, gender, education or income level in her choices/movements? She said no (with the exception of income). I told her that isn’t a luxury I’ve ever had. She didn't know what to say next. Then she said sorry…I told her there was no need to apologize. Wish I could have more honest discussions like this.

  120. Eric Whaley says:

    what next a toby movie

  121. doris u understand what im saying. media perpetuate us as hoodlums. Bet was bought by Viacom made more of us look sophisicatily ratchett.

  122. all im saying is that when the altanta blackstar comes with these topics its opening old wounds that we will not let heal. we are our own worst enemies. a man is not defined by his wealth and comfort but by the character and merit of his heart. somewhere we need to get back to that.

  123. Doris Leyba says:

    For me Raymond, these articles do just that, I am reminded to never forget, therefore I remember to always give.

  124. Anita Wills says:

    Wilson was a Dixie Crat, during Jim Crow. That was before the Southern Democrats decided they could do more with the Republican Party. Many blacks were Lincoln Republicans until the era of Joe McCarthy a Conservative Racist Republican. By the time JFK ran for President the roles of the Dixie Crats and Republicans had switched. So do not go there unless you know the history.

  125. Crown Heights Stand Up says:

    Thank you for calling it what it is, "Plantation Owner" and not "Master". It hurts my ears to hear our people reply to them as such.

  126. Troy Thompson says:

    Should also be noted that this "Progressive Democrat" was also the firm anti-socialist who sent Eugene Debs to prison for telling workers that they're worth more than just cannon fodder. Also, the Palmer Raids were named after his Attorney General. Don't make the mistake of calling him a leftist…Democrats love him, but those of us to the left of Democrats absolutely despise him.

  127. Anonymous says:

    What about Sixteen Candles, and the painful caricature Long Duk Dong?

  128. Jon Saboe says:

    Anita Wills My only REAL point is that Wilson was a vile racist — and today we honor him by naming schools and bridges after him. However, it should be pointed out that a Republican majority passed the civil rights bill of 1964 – over Democrat fillibusters by klansmen Byrd and Senator Al Gore. And the ONLY Democrat to publicly repent and apologize for his racism was Strom Thurmon who changed parties to Republican. Every other segregationist remained a Democrat. There was no party "change" for them. The Democrat party simply learned that they could no longer keep Black people down by institutional racism and legislation. Instead, they chose to keep Black people down with welfare, poor education, and destroying the family. In fact, even LBJ created ghettos to keep Blacks out of white neighborhoods and had the nerve to call his plan "The Great Society". Just check out any major city that has been run by Democrats over the last 50 years and your heart will weep for what the Democrats have done to our black brothers and sisters in those cities. Keeping them poor and dependent–and drugged. And then they have the nerve to set up "clinics" for them to kill off black babies in the name of "health-care" in the poorest neighborhoods. Jesse Jackson used to call abortion "Black Genocide" until he sold his soul to his new masters.
    "Welfare is the first step back towards slavery." Malcom X
    (How is that for history?)

  129. Lisa Gifford Burgdorf, Mammy, as played by Hattie McDaniels, has no life other than one of servitude: as a slave, throughout the Civil War and after the war. She has no concern outside of the white family to which she is devoted. She has no family of her own. She has no life beyond "Miss Scarlett". Does she earn wages in the post-war south, or is a red petticoat sufficient compensation for her years of labor? Mammy was primarily a character created to reassure a white audience of black fidelity to white supremacy. The strength you speak of is asserted on behalf of whiteness, never for herself. She ends the movie exactly where she was when it began.

  130. Jon Saboe, Though the "Solid South" had been a longtime Democratic Party stronghold due to the Democratic Party's defense of slavery before the American Civil War and segregation (including in housing well before LBJ assumed the presidency) for a century thereafter, many white Southern Democrats stopped supporting the party following the civil rights plank of the Democratic campaign in 1948 (triggering the rise of the Dixiecrats), the African-American Civil Rights Movement, the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965, and desegregation. Those southern segregationist Democrats quickly abandoned the party for the Republican Party.

    The Republicans then launched a Southern Strategy to gain political support for certain candidates in the Southern United States by appealing to racism against African Americans. The strategy was first adopted under future Republican President Richard Nixon and Republican Senator Barry Goldwater in the 1960s. The strategy was successful in winning 5 formerly Confederate states in both the 1964 and 1968 presidential elections. It contributed to the electoral realignment of some Southern states to the Republican Party, but at the expense of losing more than 90 percent of black voters to the Democratic Party. Despite its "Welfare Queens, Food Stamp President," and continued birtherism sound-bites, the Republican Party has spoken of outreach to a more diverse voting population, but with little success.

    Now in 2013, following the Supreme Court decision that essentially nullified the Voting Rights Act , Southern states with predominantly or exclusively Republican leadership have begun passing a series of laws to “crack down on voter fraud.” And by voter fraud, they mean young and minority people voting as actual incidents of in-person voter fraud are miniscule, especially in proportion to the numbers of individuals these laws will block from voting instead. Recognizing the Republican platform holds little appeal to young and minority voters, the Southern Strategy has fallen back on pre-civil rights strategies simply restricting the electorate to like-minded persons. In other words, it’s now a political system that picks its voters, not a system in which voters pick their representatives.

    And Strom Thurmond apologized, so what.

  131. Patrick Tyrone Hightower says:

    a president that despite what he told us he would do, has NOT done shit for black folks…he is the president for hispanics! our whole agenda has been immigration !

  132. Patrick Tyrone Hightower says:

    Doris Leyba ask her what she TRULY thinks of black people and see what she says….whites say anything to bamboozle black folks into thinking what they want us to believe..Thats a BIG part of why we are where we are today!

  133. Doris Leyba ask her what she TRULY thinks of black people and see what she says….whites say anything to bamboozle black folks into thinking what they want us to believe..Thats a BIG part of why we are where we are today!

  134. I agree but to some extent we have to blame ourselves

  135. Iula Perry says:

    you think they'll bring it back..I would love to see this movie again mandingo..(thank you

  136. Brenda DeBose Benson says:

    May have been a warning however, Black men became more enamored with white women and determined to have his trophy (prize) by his side.

  137. Brenda DeBose Benson says:

    We've moved on that's evident because we don't want to face the past, our true history tells a great and horrific story that should never be forgotten.

  138. We've moved on that's evident because we don't want to face the past, our true history tells a great and horrific story that should never be forgotten.

  139. Jon Saboe says:

    "And Strom Thurmond apologized, so what." That's more than any other Democrat or former Democrat has ever done. The official Democrat Party website still claims the party has been fighting FOR civil rights for more than a century. I think the entire party owes all America a giant apology for its crimes against my black american brothers and sisters. Until they can fess up to their history, I can't imagine respecting their claims of caring now. Until they can lift Black Americans out of poverty in the cities they have been in charge of for the last 50 years, don't tell me about the goodness of their intentions. They have been keep blacks poor and dependant since before Jim Crowe — and their results have not changed since then. Keeping 'em down is still what the Democrat party does best.

  140. Jon Saboe, and what is the Republican party doing?

  141. Anita Wills says:

    Aaron Berry Ditto!

  142. Anita Wills says:

    Aaron Berry Ditto!

  143. Moyo Mitchell says:

    Racial bias and racism are two different, yet similar, (VERY wrong) things

  144. Yehuda Braun says:

    yeah, but he and the girl with the braces on her neck and teeth were the only ones who scored at the party. hence the shot of them upstairs on the exercise bike together.

  145. Devan Clark says:

    Birth of a Nation should have been number 1 and then number 2 should have been soulman..I remember that ridiculous movie,that guy looked like a white dude with light brown shoe polish on his he went through half the movie where no one knew he wasn't really black..

  146. Devan Clark says:

    Thanks for the white people insight,lol..I mean we black folk are fascinated by the fact that movies like this that affected my grandmothers life,was just PLAIN OL ENTERTAINMENT,to white…..I can promise you,there aren't any black people that would ever see that Uncle Remus stuff as anything Musical but Doing the monkeyshine.

  147. Devan Clark says:

    A Bi-racial man is a Black president?..we are supposed to not look at our past because we elected the first halfbreed for president?.where is the logic in that?.I don't hear whitefolks talking about not looking at thier past and they have had the presidents for the past 43 before Obama..You cant know where your going without knowing your past..

  148. Devan Clark says:

    Birth of a Nation is there..go back and look…

  149. Birth of a Nation is there..go back and look…

  150. Devan Clark says:

    Because your Gay and more than likely have this weird fascination with having sex with white men,all of a sudden you decide you want to show us black folks the "HYPOCRICY" in what we do..Well Paul,I suggest you get an education in the history of film and its meaning,because WHITECHICKS,did absoulutly nothing to harm the integrity of Caucasians..But ask the Black elders and they can tell you flat out what is was like living in these times when movies like this help keep African Americans in mental and systematic enslavement..

  151. Devan Clark says:

    That movie was just plain weird…lol

  152. Devan Clark says:


  153. Devan Clark says:

    LMBAO,Lisa, I think you mean well with what you said,but I have to be honest with you..THAT WAS THE WHITEST SHIT I HAVE EVER me from a Black perspective,I can promise you,when we see movies with these aunt Jermima slave Characters, we want to puke..its pisses us the hell off..That shit does not make us feel proud and like they are to be looked up to…MAMMY WAS A STRONG FIGURE? mean,what the Hell is strong about a Big morbidly obese Black women with a rag around here head?..she cant read ,speaks horrible English like a slave and caters to white folks everywhere she goes?…This is proof that Black and whites STILL,live in very different realities..

  154. Devan Clark says:

    Allen Luther Wright You are so right what I wrote Lisa back myself..

  155. Devan Clark says:

    TRUE DAT…how about…THE BLIND SIDE?…LOL..

  156. Devan Clark says:

    WE ARE STILL SLAVES TODAY..more than ever…Because a Black man can marry a white woman and we half a Bi-racial president doesn't count as progress..Economically we are in the same place we were in 55 years ago..

  157. Devan Clark says:

    Okay..and you want to see This movie again for what reason sister? it to see The movie mandingo or is it to see his MANDINGOOOOOOOOOOOO?…LOL

  158. Devan Clark says:

    AHHHHHHH… got me rolling on the ground with that one..Yeah white women smell like roses and a Black woman would have smelled like a hambuger and banana to him…lol…Yeah that movie was super racist..

  159. Devan Clark says:

    it was a stupid ass movie,come on man?..and it was low budget…

  160. Devan Clark says:

    it was a stupid ass movie,come on man?..and it was low budget…

  161. Devan Clark says:

    it was a stupid ass movie,come on man?..and it was low budget…

  162. Devan Clark
    I actually liked that movie.

  163. Iula Perry says:

    The movie..

  164. Why are you making such illogical assumptions? Not every single white person out there is racist. It is not always about us against them! A lot of white people are also in fact disgusted by many movies which are racist to blacks. The fact of the matter is, that movie was in fact racist. You might not understand because you yourself are black and sometimes it is hard to see things from another perspective when you are on the other side. Right now You are being racist by trying to make it look like a bad thing if I choose to date white guys. You are also homophobic and stupid for bringing my sexuality into this when it is clearly unnecessary.

  165. Faizal Asmal says:

    Has anyone ever noticed that in most movies where people die, it's usually a Black man that dies first?

  166. How could you all forget about Good Bye Uncle Tom?!?!?

  167. Devan Clark says:

    Paul Richards..LMBAO,Because im Black im unable to see the other side? brother,I am educated and know my history and completely have an understanding of the social issues movies like these have created.You being gay and also someone that clearly supports interracial dating,is no different than how straight black males date white women and yet "CONVENIENTLY",start defending white folks and their actions..its really because they love white folks and want to mate with them..Also, your sexuality makes you more prone to see things from an angle of a victim,so you are likely to defend white males because you sleep with them and Black men have probably been mean to you and rejected you thoughout your life..That Blinds you to many realities within itself.

  168. There you go again with your assumptions. No dear, My boyfriend is multi-racial. And I have dated black men in the past. In fact most of my boyfriends were black. I would still date a black man if I were single. Black men have broken my heart in the past, so have white men and so have asian and mixed race men. In general I go for any man who I genuine fall for. Biologically speaking, I am attracted to many different types of men. For some people they are not. There is nothing wrong with that. If you really think that I am defending 'them' it goes to show how ignorant you really are. Not all white people are racist! I am merely making an observation. That movie is very racist and I know this because many of my friends, black, white and mixed race found it distasteful! The way they mock and stereotype white people as selfish, stupid and ignorant people is astounding. I still do not see how you cannot see that. And stop criticizing people who enter mixed race relationships. It is there choice, how dare you even suggest that they shouldn't. Last I checked, we all belonged to one race. The human race!

  169. Thomas Pirko says:

    Allen Luther Wright : thanks for the update. I walked out at intermission and missed the ending. I had nothing else to do on a snowy afternoon and I was expecting something grand from an Oscar winning movie. It never played on TV, IIRC.

  170. Yusuf Jihad says:

    @Devan Clark, she smelled like SOMETHING and I don't think it was ROSES either!!!

  171. Yusuf Jihad says:

    @Devan Clark, she smelled like SOMETHING and I don't think it was ROSES either!!!

  172. Watch the movie No Good byes Uncle Tom

  173. Devan Clark says:


  174. Devan Clark says:


  175. Jenifer Lovelivelife Brebnor says:

    10,000 BC shows how all races coexisted. I really enjoyed that movie and do not consider it a racist movie at all.

  176. I just want to know why “The Color Purple” isn’t #1 on this list???

  177. Solomon Sultan Isreal says:

    In Mandingo the brother was shot then he fell in the boiling water

  178. Fulani Yira says:

    I don't consider these movies "Racist".

  179. Farntella Graham says:

    wilson was an agent for the international elite and he single-handily contributed to the destruction of america.

  180. Farntella Graham says:

    why should it be?

  181. You watched it that fast? Anyways, any movie, created by our enemies, intended to promote homosexuality, and a divide between Black Men and Women, should be at the top of the list for a racial agenda against our race. If you cannot agree with that, then I have nothing further to add.

  182. Paul Richards FAIL! Queen!

  183. Jonathan A Pickens-Rooney so racism only occurs when someone is institutionally oppressed? You sir need to make a new year's resolution to be less stupid in 2014.

  184. Paul Richards And Paul Richards, you need to make a goal of being less blind, naive and ignorant of facts and take your own advice of being a critical and analytic thinker. You're a shame and disgrace as an African American. You're a white lover and self hating and destructive and not progressive to the advancement of black people. I honestly pity you. Classic uncle Tom! And what exactly is "biracial" anyway? Do you mean BLACK? Last time I checked president Obama is not biracial! He's BLACK! As Devan Clark has stated, you are living in some rainbow colored version of your reality.

  185. Jonathan A Pickens-Rooney you make me laugh with your stupidity. Thank god people like you are a dying breed.

  186. Paul Richards I never actually offended you or disrespected you or attacked your sexuality. You've done a magnificent job of making a pathetic asshole of yourself.

  187. It didn't make the list because first it is a comedy, second it doesn't offend white people as a whole, and three because they are not the bud of a joke based on pain and oppression. Im sure there can be other reasons as well but white people have made racist movies against themselves as well. They will be the first to call themselves rednecks and laugh. Plus I don't see them getting offended unless it was completely distasteful.

  188. Troy Johnson says:

    Good thing 2013 was, perhaps, the best year for Black film:

  189. If you look at what's being pushed out on TV now you will see that things haven't changed all that much. They still have black men and women playing 2nd to whites !!! And have taken every good show off the air! But we have scandal!!!! A show where the black woman is chasing a married white man, and now they have a black version being Mary Jane !!! What are they telling young black women and little black girls?

  190. Lyman Marsh says:

    I think blacks are being a little over sensitive in their interpretations of these great films. Mandungo was betraying his plantation master (who fed him etc) by having an affair with his wife and that's why his plantation master punished him and the cheating wife. Black people get too hung up over racism, and need to focus more on educating themselves, and staying in school: that way they'll be able to get out of their ghettos and realize that white people aren't racist, we're too busy working hard and worrying about our bills to even think about racism.

  191. Look at what my people are doing to us in Gary Indiana we have been in charge of Gary Indiana since 1967/68 and every time we get funding to get access to lake Michigan for the sport of fishing in Gary our people spend it on fixing up another dance hall where they will not do any maintenance on it. When it falls into total disrepair they will move into another city building off the backs of the tax payers from revenues to fix the roads / infrastructure and misappropriate any federal financial assistance designated for the common underprivileged people living below the poverty level so they can continue to sing and dance pimping the impoverished.

    The struggle continues

  192. Anything temple was racist.

  193. Rooney films were racist as well and mandingo was stabbed with a pitch fork and fell into the hot water. We all know the slave iwners wife daughters all wanted and gad that d.

  194. seriously yeah i get it but birth of a nation is not number 1

  195. Kweli Gyan says:

    Beside 10,000 BC, this article would have been better suited to pinpoint current films and examples of racism. Calling out the 1930's and other much early decades is hardly a surprise.

  196. Haha.."White Dog" sounds awesome!!

  197. Mary Crump says:

    sorry……i humbly feel that if you morons would view a film in the context that it was done in instead of how you feel about it, you would find a new blue bird on YOUR shoulder. I was a girl when Song of the South first came out and never once did i feel Uncle Remus was living the horrible life. HE chose to help a young child learn life lessons through his stories. instead of tearing movies apart to fit your ideals, just let them be viewed and enjoyed. If you still feel slavery and those living conditions are so horrible why don't you take a ride through the back roads in TODAY's south and stop and help the people there…i for one would think more of your ideas and ideals if you put them to work….just saying

  198. Ian Waller says:

    Umm, did you actually WATCH king kong? The black people don't communicate with "grunting and growling" they speak their own indigenous language that the captain of the ship also understands, also, people who say that Kong wanting Ann is analogous to a black guy who wants a white woman is also a huge stretch, the director wanted to make a movie about an animal, and the whole thing with the monster being infatuated with an attractive woman was a popular trope at the time (primarily due to Frankenstein and Dracula, which were made a couple years earlier) Having actually done my research I guarantee none of the filmmakers who worked on King kong had any racist intentions, hell the guy who designed Kong, as well as the dinosaurs and jungles of Skull Island, Marcel Delgado, was a hispanic! What more proof do you need?

  199. Where's Tarzan? Both the classic, the remade Movie, and the Cartoon? A white guy that was dropped in the Jungle of Africa and all of a sudden he can communicate with animals. Something the indigenous black people could not accomplish for generations.

  200. Hanif Wilder says:

    Where's the movie "Drum"?

  201. Mandigo, black folks have been getting raped for years justice and the brother still died in the end.

  202. Uh pretty sure what makes Gone with the Wind racist is not its indictment of the Lincoln administration (which it obviously isn't). It's its shameful and ugly depiction of African Americans.

  203. Selvy Capers says:

    Edn'Catherine Morneault. You really need to catch up on your reading!

  204. Lee Harvey says:

    where is Boyz N the Hood.

  205. Dave de Neui says:

    In Atlanta Blackstar's description of the 1935 film "The Littlest Rebel" (1935), it says "Bill Gibron, of the Online Film Critics Society, wrote at the time: …“ —- Um… I having trouble believing that ANYONE from an entity called "the Online Film Critics Society" wrote a review "at the time" (1935)…

  206. Would "King Kong" have been more realstic then if all the natives dressed and spoke like Sidney Poitier?

  207. Evan Noble says:

    could you inform me who wrote this article for accademic reasons
    evan noble

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