Dynamics of Domination: 6 Steps Arabs and Europeans Used to Establish Dominion Over Black People


Spike TV Series King Tut1. Erase the Historical Narrative of African People

The act of erasing the historical memory of African people, according to Hilliard, was a psychological military operation that when completed disabled Black people psychologically as a group.  This disabling act prevented African people from being able to properly filter, interpret and respond to social, political and cultural stimuli in the interests of their own culture .  After this step in the process is completed, African people are effectively dispossessed of their own cultural narrative.

As was reported previously on Atlanta Black Star:  “Without a coherent personal narrative, it is hard to find our footing in the world. Maryland psychologist May Benatar, Ph.D., says a surprising number of people actually don’t have a coherent story, something that hangs together, makes sense and has some internal consistency to it. The story may have large, important chunks missing or the narrative is fragmented and chaotic.”

War-dance of Bantu tribesmen

2. Suppress the Practice of African Culture – Destroy group unity

By suppressing the practice of African culture, Europeans and Arabs prevented Africans from building and maintaining cultural institutions that would enable group unity, which then engenders economic and political power.

As a result of the discontinuation of the practice of African culture, despite having trillions of dollars in buying power and raw material resources, Black people around the world have been unable to unify and wield the necessary economic and political power to shape the world toward their natural benefit as a group.

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