Dynamics of Domination: 6 Steps Arabs and Europeans Used to Establish Dominion Over Black People


The Mis-Education of the Negro3. Teach White Supremacy – Install the oppressors’ narrative

After the  historical memory of the African population has been erased and replaced with a white supremacy narrative, the African population is placed in a position where it begins to reject its own image and becomes less African in conscious behavior.

African people who have been victimized by these processes tend to identify themselves primarily with European and Arab cultural institutions in religion, language, nation state, etc. These behaviors are passed down to their descendants, even though they may not have experienced  actual physical oppression.

Amos Wilson (1941 – 1995) author and professor of psychology, said white supremacy myths continue to alter the consciousness of Black people today by giving us fabricated data: false history, false knowledge and false narratives. Therefore, our ability to think and act in our own interests has been impaired because we have become confused about what knowledge is, who it belongs to, and how it should be used.

Haitian-schoolchildren4. Control the Institutions of Socialization – preventing African people from re-learning, teaching and practicing their own culture and cultural narrative

Since culture plays the role of gluing a group of people together, for the oppressors to maintain control over Black people they had to separate them from their own culture, Hilliard said.

In doing so,  the European and the Arab were able to prevent group unity among enslaved or colonized Africans. This act weakened the African population and made them more controllable.

Chinweizu , author of “The West and the Rest of Us: White Predators, Black Slavers, and the African Elite,”  wrote:   “The central objective in decolonizing the African mind is to overthrow the authority that alien traditions exercise over the African. This demands the dismantling of white supremacist beliefs, and the structures which uphold them, in every area of African life. It must be stressed, however, that decolonization does not mean ignorance of foreign traditions; it simply means denial of their authority and withdrawal of allegiance from them.”

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