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Pacers Move to 9-0; Hibbert Gets 8 Blocks

IFWT-Roy-hibbertIndiana Pacers’ Roy Hibbert had a block party Friday night against the Milwaukee Bucks.

He protected the rim on defense by getting eight blocks. On offense, the star only missed two shots during the game. He also made every shot at the free-throw line.

At the end of the 104-77 Indiana win against the Bucks, Hibbert had a season-high 24 points to add to  his eight blocks and 10 rebounds.

“We have expectations and we want to win,” Hibbert said. “We want to play deep, deep into the playoffs. You gain confidence with your teammates when we’re all on the same page and we all have one goal. Some guys on this team before were just trying to get a paycheck and go home and then chilling on the beach and sip mojitos or something like that. That’s not us.”

Hibbert was happy with his performance, but let it be known that he’s ready to play tomorrow night.

“You know what? I look at the bigger picture. We have Chicago tomorrow, might as well just get a little bit a rest,” Hibbert said. “A triple-double would have been great, but one of these times, everything’s going to line-up, the stars, moon, sun, everything’s going to line up and I’ll have one of those.”

The Pacers are 9-0 for the first time in franchise history.

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