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For The Masses: Motorola Releases Mid-tier Moto G Smartphone

moto_GMotorola already made a great device this year with its flagship smartphone the Moto X, and now it is making a low cost phone for the masses. Today Motorola unveiled the Moto G, which is aimed at the mid- tier and emerging markets, and based on the reviews the company may have a hit on its hands. According to

“Today Motorola unveiled its Moto G smartphone, which is related to the Moto X in many ways, but very different in others. I had the chance to try out the Moto G in person at Motorola’s Canadian HQ in Toronto, and in many ways, it’s a very impressive device. In others, however, it still reveals its cost consciousness.

Performance on the Moto G really is quite impressive for a phone that costs less than $200. Animations and transitions are all smooth, and the only time you encounter any kind of stutter is on image-heavy websites, where you’ll get a little bit of stickiness with scrolling. That’s still an issue with some high-end Android smartphones and tablets, however, so it’s not really a major complaint. Motorola talked up the speed with which it loads things like the dialer and browser, and side-by-side with a Nexus 5, speed did indeed at least on par, which is astounding considering the difference.”

The Moto G cost just $180 without a contract, and boasts a 4.5 inch screen at that price. The one drawback for the company is that it won’t launch initially in China, which is one of the largest emerging markets right now. As reported by

“Our ability to compete there is a bit constrained,’ said Dennis Woodside, Motorola’s chief executive, in an interview. ‘Moto G won’t be offered in China, initially at least.’

Still, Motorola believes the phone will appeal to enough people outside of China to be a success. Unlike many cheap smartphones on the market, the Moto G will have a big high-resolution screen and run the latest Android software to support the latest apps on the market. It has a 4.5-inch screen, which puts it right between the smaller iPhone 5S and the larger Galaxy S4 from Samsung Electronics.”

Motorola, which is now a Google company, hopes that the new Moto G with some of its high end features coupled with its leading apps from Google, will be a major hit in emerging markets. Time will tell if the company can reclaim the ability to make hit devices as it did about a decade ago with the Motorola Razr.

Check out the video below of the new Moto G.

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