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5 of The Biggest Threats Facing Black People Today

modern slavery

Modern Arab Slave Trade

Africa has been devastated economically, socially, politically, and demographically from a combined 13 centuries of chattel slavery at the hands of Europeans and Arabs that involved the removal of 35 million people from their native land, according to some estimates.

Although slavery has been legally abolished, African people are still subjected to chattel slavery in 2013. Anti-slavery International reports that over 50,000 Africans have been sold and owned by Arabs in North Africa. An estimated 660,000 people are subjected to forced labor in sub-Saharan Africa.

In the northwestern African country of Mauritania, a system now exists by which Arab Muslims—called the Bidanes (masters) who disdain physical work—still hold Haratine (enslaved Africans) as property. An estimated 90,000 Mauritanians remain essentially enslaved.

Haratine mothers do not own their children; they are instead passed down through their masters’ estates. Captives are bought and sold, given as wedding gifts, and traded for camels, trucks, or guns. The enslaved Africans perform domestic work, haul water, and shepherd cattle.

Sudan has seen a resurgence of slavery since 1983. During the second Sudanese civil war, as many as 200,000 people had been taken into slavery. The indigenous ethnic groups in South Sudan are often attacked by North African Arabs, who kill men and imprison children and women as slaves. Physical maiming is not uncommon and is usually done to the captives to instill fear and prevent escape.

According to CBS News, slaves have been sold for $50 per person. Many of the perpetrators of these atrocities are mixed-race and Arabized Blacks who have completely rejected their African identities and murder and enslave in the interest of Arabs.

Slavery also occurs in a number of other African countries including Somalia, Mali, Niger, and Chad.

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26 thoughts on “5 of The Biggest Threats Facing Black People Today

  1. Karlene Chance says:

    Great point in "Falsification of African Consciousness"

  2. D'Aundrey Belk says:

    fool that shit happens to everybody stop race baiting

  3. Zoza Shongwe says:

    That is why we have to do away with islam.

  4. Here in America for black people…….same flavor…. IN THE YEAR 2013……
    They have closed your schools, libraries, hospitals, body building gyms, taken away your guns, increased your prison time, rolled by your civil rights, revoked your right to be silent, foreclosed your homes, letting you rot with disease, moved trauma centers away from you, built penitentiaries for you, flooding the market with slave movies, shooting you dead on sight


    "At the August GOP meeting, Wheeler referenced a blog post from conservative activist Chuck Muth, who in June 2010 wrote about Wheeler's candidacy and said, "what if those citizens decided they want to, say, bring back slavery? Hey, if that's what the citizens want, right Jim?"

    Wheeler told his audience he responded to Muth and said, "yeah, I would."


    The revolution is underway and self imagery is the first battle being fought in the revolution of evolution and the movie Django Unchained is the first shot fired.

    With so many black people falling victim to the first shot fired…. can we redeem the team because as the battle for our African American existence rages on our adversary is relentless in indoctrinating our minds into submitting to slavery without resistance by producing slave movie after slave movie after slave movie.

    If our adversaries are successful they will win without even fighting which tells me that their strategy comes directly from the Art of War.

    The highest and best strategy in the Art of war is to win without fighting and that’s how come I know that we are at war.

    The strategy of win without fighting depends on winning over the hearts and minds of the people and if they are successful they will kill 3 birds with one stone.

    1. Financially the slave movie empties our pockets, submits our minds and surrenders our will to resist the re-indoctrination to chattel slavery.

    2. The slave movies indoctrinate the hearts and minds of "we the people" to see black people as nothing but slaves thereby blinding them from seeing any outside evidence validating us as human beings.

    3. Our slavery is viewed accepted and approved by us in the hearts and minds of the world because our adversaries can prove that with free will we paid good money to watch and act in slave movies and that we also openly fought with each other if anyone of us disagreed to go along.

    Our adversaries strategy comes directly from the book, "The Art of War" and……… ….we are at war.


    Sight unseen, without making a sound we come to together in unity moving with stealth and military precision to meet, greet , combat and defeat our adversaries from coast to coast like an invisible ghost.

    Come off the plantation and on the Undercover Smart strategic battleground of the African American front line where using the strategy of Undercover Smart we are beating back our adversaries strategy of slave re-indoctrination, degradation of our image and advancing the front line of our existence.

    The photos we post are counter measures being taken to fight back and defend Black America and our right to existence with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness against the onslaught of slave indoctrination being relentlessly applied and implemented against our minds, spirit and wills to submit to 2016 enslavement without resistance.


    1. Get the plan, blueprint, technology and escape route.

    2. Join the revolution of black revolution of black evolution.


    INVINCIBLE IGNORANCE – When black people buy theaters tickets to see themselves portrayed by Hollywood as ignorant slaves, fat black maids or sign and accept demeaning Hollywood slave contracts and then tell other black people that it was a good movie.


  5. Africans themselves need to close their ranks and stop being used as agents. If Slavery ever existed it was aided and abated by a few selfish Africans.There is a saying that if your house does not sell you the public will never buy!

  6. I've watch films of Mauritania and hoewe they still practice slavery on Africans .Arabs were the first enslavers of Africans a millilleum before white Euro-peons. Have you eve2r heard an Arab call themselves Africans ,never !The disdain Arabs have for Black people must be equal or greater than the one whites have for us. Arab Muslims werethe first racist on the Continent of Africa and today maiantian this barbaric practive in the name of pedophilic prophet moha mad.We need to break the shackles and expose the arabs for what they are sick sadisticv racist pig,and force feed them pork.

  7. Dr. Amos Wilson also says we have no friends. These nations continue to exploit us and most of us can't see it. We have to take action, our lives depend on it.

  8. That just sounds totally ignorant. What about Christianity?

  9. Exactly. No one has ever come to our aid or that of the African.

  10. D'Aundrey Belk ……Save it.

  11. Courtney Artis says:

    "China’s direct investment in Africa today exceeds $50 billion, but most of the profits are returned to China and do not largely benefit the people of the African nations"

    what source says that

  12. thisis disgusting for slavery in the sudan and arabs with our afrikan peoples,this should be world news and a march and national campaign should be happening jsut as it did for treyvon martain and the ! percent wall street protesters and walk for aids ,this should be posted on bet and the hip hop and talka about with civil rights leaders this is all out war again for the freedoms that our liberators came and died for! we have the responsibility of ensureing these things dont and wont happen again!

  13. It's sad that we are allowing this to happen

  14. Germaine Iwu says:

    Why must I click through this article? Annoying.

  15. do not fight religion, fight the person using religion as a cover for all his bad deeds.

  16. Africans are not ignorant, we are just suffering from an identity crisis. We need to first identify ourselves as Africans and Africans only. Not a fusion of two or more continents i.e. African-American. Those Africans whom identifies themselves as Africans re-unite with their ancestors by mere recognition of their ethnicity. Emancipation requires only that as the first step. The second step is getting Africans to behave as Africans. It makes no sense calling yourself African when you behave like a westerner. Third step is redefining the history of the African people. This will change the perceptions that non-Africans have instilled in the mind of pre-enslaved Africans so as to make them proud to be African in the first place.

  17. Elaine Mills says:

    Then let's get a petition going, at least it will educate others as to the extent of what is happening.

  18. Zoza Shongwe says:

    Tatiana Boo Berry: No it's not totally ignorant. We can't accuse Christianity of slavery today it was only involved in the past. Currently in the west the state and the church are separated while in the Arab world the state and the religion are combined. The Arabs are conducting slavery and religious war today while the west we have to charge it reparations for what they did in the past.

  19. Zoza Shongwe says:

    Simphiwe Giorvani Simplex: The religion and the man is inseparable because religion is an idea of man. It is his invention.

  20. Dev Bee says:

    I don't see Chinese foreign investment as a huge threat to Africa. Every modern-day developed nation needed Foreign Investment to become what they are today.

    Even with China, they're economy would be NOTHING without US companies offshoring their manufacturing there. This made China the biggest exporter in the world and the world power that it is today.

    Yes, they are obviously seeking profits just like any investor but they make agreements that actually do benefit Africans on the other end of the contract.

    Their investment are a major source of income for African government who generally are broke. This new income (if used wisely) can be used for:
    1. EDUCATION (that breeds innovation which in turns creates more jobs; and makes populations better off at identifying poor leaders; as well as making it a more popular destination for foriegn investors to bring SKILLED jobs there)
    2. HEALTH CARE (that increase overall quality of life and life expectancy)
    3. INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT (that make transportation, communications and economic growth easier)

    This make it possible and help Africa get out of the cycle of poverty that has plagued it for generations.

    Most of these foreign companies employ locals and even though the wages are low; this allows some income to be coming in and stimulates local economies. If enough people are employed then this eventually pushes up the wages and people demand higher wages. EVERY CURRENTLY DEVELOPED COUNTRY STARTED OFF WITH LOW WAGES. But with all this being said, Africans should NOT let their guards down.

  21. Where do we go from here ??? Let's get started !!!

  22. Hassan Abdullah says:

    Zoza Shongwe ZOZA you are a confused young man I see you have Malcom X and Marcus Garvey listed as people you admire in you photo album,Both of these men were Muslim so when you say do away with Islam you are speaking very Foolish the Moors were Balck and Muslim and built the greatest empire ever in the African and Arab world and don't forget Mansa Musa do your home work Islam is not the not fight religion, fight the person using religion as a cover for all his bad deeds.THE UNCLE TOM AFRICAN LEADERS WHO DID NOT SUPPORT QUADAFFI IN LIBYA ARE THE PROBLEM FOR

  23. Mimi Dee says:

    African nations need to keep immigration low to Africa. How many African immigrant China allow into their country? We need to be wise and stop allowing people to mistreat us.

  24. Zoza Shongwe says:

    Hassan Abdullah do your homework in history Marcus Garvey was never a muslim! However Malcolm even though he continued to be a muslim he said there is no god that can separate him from his people; meaning the Afrikans. Fact of the matter is islam and christianity are non-Afrikan.

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