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Peep This: Akon’s ‘So Blue’ Video


International superstar Akon is gearing up for his next album Stadium and he has a new visual to share with his fans from the upcoming project. Akon released a video for his song “So Blue” which tells the story of woman stuck in a bad relationship. According to

“Akon can churn out a potential hit single without any issues. Case in point, the artist-turned-mogul returns with a visual for “So Blue,” a track that fits the bill and is set to appear on his long-awaited Stadium LP.

Here, we see Akon sing about a woman who’s being mistreated by her significant other. “How he end up with a girl like you/ You’re too fine to be looking so blue,” he sings over emotional chords and pop percussion.”

Akon’s “So Blue” video features an impressive acting class with Nia Long and Tommy “Tiny” Lister serving as the stars of the visual. As reported by

“Akon calls on Nia Long to play his damsel in distress in the latest video from his upcoming album Stadium. Nia finds herself stuck in an abusive relationship with actor Tommy “Tiny” Lister, best known for his role as “Deebo” in the movie Friday. Catching eyes with Akon, Long leaves a trail for the singer to hopefully rescue her.”

Akon’s long awaited Stadium album is supposed to be released sometime this year. However this album has been in the works for a long time, with the first single “Angel” released in 2010. But with a new video out, hopefully Akon fans can finally get to hear a new album.

Check the Akon “So Blue” video below.

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