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On The Come Up: Vine Comes To Windows Phone


Microsoft has been infamous for being late to the mobile revolution which included smartphones and tablets, but its Windows mobile platform is quickly becoming a viable third option behind Android and iOS. One of the major problems that Windows mobile often faces is the lack of apps in comparison with the Android and iOS platforms. However today Windows has taken one step closer to narrowing that gap as Twitter’s video app Vine is now available on on its platform. As reported by

“Twitter promised that it would launch an official Vine Windows Phone client, and after a brief demonstration at Nokia World, it’s finally arriving today. It looks largely the same as the existing iOS and Android versions, with the ability to create six second videos using the rear- or front-facing cameras. Vine is taking advantage of Microsoft’s unique Windows Phone features, including the ability to pin Vine users to the Start screen, and integration with the Windows Phone camera Lens feature. The app also supports fast resume, a key feature for Windows Phone’s multitasking.”

Vine on Windows is one step forward for the Microsoft platform, as it still doesn’t have popular apps like Instagram. However as Windows phone continues to get more of these photo/video apps, it may be able to compel more consumers to use its platform, especially since the Nokia phone models like the Lumia 1020 boasts a significantly advanced camera phone.


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