A Mile In Her Shoes: M.I.A. Performs ‘Come Walk With Me’


M.I.A. finally released her much anticipated Matangi album after a few delays, and now she’s out on the road promoting the album. The Sri Lankan rapper stopped by the “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” show last night for an interview and performed her new song, “Come Walk With Me.”

As reported by pitchfork.com:

“M.I.A. was the musical guest on last night’s episode of ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’, where she performed the Matangi cut ‘Come Walk With Me’. She was backed by the Roots, in case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to watch Questlove drum along to the sounds of various MacBook program noises.

“M.I.A. also sat down for an interview with Fallon and recounted the embarrassing story of the time she first met the Roots.”

M.I.A. is currently on tour promoting the new album, and although things are great for her musically, her career is still facing controversy. She is currently being sued by the NFL for the 2012 incident when she flashed her middle finger during the Superbowl halftime show.

In a recent interview with NPR, M.I.A. said the gesture was Hindu spiritual symbol, stating:

“Well, you know gang signs — in America you have gang signs, and people throw up initials and stuff like that,” she said. “Well, 5,000 years ago, there was thing called a mudra, which is your sitting position when you do yoga or you’re meditating or praying or whatever. And you have different ones based on what you’re meditating over. There’s not a lot of them that are named after gods and goddesses, but the middle finger is specifically named Matangi — the Matangi mudra.”

Even though she can be controversial at times, M.I.A. represents female empowerment to many of her fans and she’s beloved for that.

Check out M.I.A. performing “Come Walk With Me” on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” below.

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