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‘Tamar & Vince’ Season 2 Episode 10 ‘Welcome To The #1 Club’

'Tamar & Vince' Season 2 Episode 10 Season FinaleComing up on the season finale of  “Tamar & Vince” Season 2 Episode 10 “Welcome To The #1 Club,” Tamar’s album is finally released, but she still struggles with balancing career and motherhood. A vocal chord injury threatens Tamar’s showcase.

Tamar appears to have it all, but can she keep it?  Find out on the season finale Thursday at 9:00 p.m. on WeTV.

“Tamar & Vince” is a spin-off of WE tv’s hit original series, Braxton Family Values, where youngest sister, Tamar, has proven to be the show’s breakout star. This much-anticipated new series finds Tamar and Vince with a young marriage, a new home, and a fresh new set of challenges. There’s Miracle, Vince’s dog, who’s the love of Vince’s life, but needs a little discipline. Then there’s their beautiful new home, which is a blank canvas in desperate need of furnishing and décor. Tamar wants to get the house done, but that’s not her priority. For now, she’s anxious to finish her solo album and begin her meteoric rise to superstardom. However, she often finds herself at odds with her music mogul husband Vince, who is as equally headstrong and passionate as Tamar. As Vince hustles to line up fame and fortune for Tamar and his other artists, he has another health scare, and the power couple is forced to slow down and re-prioritize.

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