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Google ‘Helpouts’ Offer Expert Advice in Real Time

google-helpoutsGoogle is trying to make the world of consulting a much easier and ubiquitous process for the average person with their new application “Google Helpouts.”

Helpouts uses Google’s video platform (Hangouts) to connect people who are looking for advice from experts on a range of topics.

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“Helpouts, Google’s fusion of Google+ Hangouts, Google Wallet, and its identity tools, is now live. A ‘Helpout’ is a Hangout-like video chat, but instead of speaking with a friend, you are connected to a purported expert in whatever it is that you need help with. The tagline that Google has come up with for Helpouts is ‘real help from real people in real time.’

“Imagine a video chat session that you are paying for that lasts for as little as a minute or two. You have an issue, say, what is this lump on my hand, or, how do I pull off a particular makeup trick, and have a quick chat with a person who can see what your problem is.”

Helpouts is a typical Google product as the company is known for making information easier to access to average person. The concept takes things a step further than just being able to read instructions or watch a pre-made video.

According to

“Google said it is starting small with a few categories like art and music, computers and electronics, cooking, education and careers, fashion and beauty, fitness and nutrition, health and home, and garden. Providers are screened by Google. Healthcare service providers have to be licensed health professionals, and will be screened by HireRight, a Google contractor. Current providers on Helpouts include perfume and cosmetics company Sephora, Home Depot’s handyman, referral service Redbeacon and physical fitness firm Weight Watchers.”

Time will tell if Google Helpouts will really catch on. The key will be whether users will be willing to pay a fee for the experts’ advice, rather than gather free information online.

Check out the Google Helpouts video below.

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