SNL: President Obama Can Do No Wrong With Black People

Saturday Night Live this week included a fake Black talk show starring Kenan Thompson (playing moderator), Kerry Washington (as a Black academic) and Jay Pharoah (as a Black writer), all of whom found no flaw in how President Obama has governed so far.

The sketch, titled “How’s He Doing?,” joked that the president’s approval among black Americans has fallen to a “staggering” 93.6 percent, and the two panelists speculated that recent debacles like the NSA snooping and rocky Obamacare rollout were the result of white people being too demanding.

At one point, the host attempted to ask the panelists a series of questions aimed at finding out what it would take for them to no longer support Obama — to hilarious effect. The short answer: You can’t convince them to dislike him.


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