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SNL: President Obama Can Do No Wrong With Black People

Saturday Night Live this week included a fake Black talk show starring Kenan Thompson (playing moderator), Kerry Washington (as a Black academic) and Jay Pharoah (as a Black writer), all of whom found no flaw in how President Obama has governed so far.

The sketch, titled “How’s He Doing?,” joked that the president’s approval among black Americans has fallen to a “staggering” 93.6 percent, and the two panelists speculated that recent debacles like the NSA snooping and rocky Obamacare rollout were the result of white people being too demanding.

At one point, the host attempted to ask the panelists a series of questions aimed at finding out what it would take for them to no longer support Obama — to hilarious effect. The short answer: You can’t convince them to dislike him.


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2 thoughts on “SNL: President Obama Can Do No Wrong With Black People

  1. Frank Hightower says:

    The skit was kinda of funny, but sad. My sister does this same thing. Now don't twist this I know for a fact that Obama is better than Bush; but he hasn't even looked our way he's a politician first and foremost being a Black person that cares for Black people isn't on his agenda. Being the President is a hard and most times thankless job, he has to lockout for all poor disenfranchised people but being Black and poor has a whole other Ring to it. We are the people who stand out and most of our ancestor never volunteered to come here. Going off subject my bad it's a lot of emotion bubbling right now. But here is what I'm saying to Black people be real about it Obama has done Nothing Zero for us,He's a mediocre President at best. He would have never been elected anyone's President if the U. S. had a decent White Male candidate running against him.

  2. Davidov Rudnikova says:

    meh, kinda funny. A lot of my African American friends are 50-50 on Obama. But everyone agrees though anyone but Romney! lol

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