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Ethiopians of All Ages Celebrate National Laughter Day

Last week, Ethiopia celebrated its 11th national laughter day, a day when Ethiopians of all ages meet to just laugh — for no specific reason.

 During national laughter day Ethiopians of different walks of life, the sick and the visually impaired enjoy one of the privileges afforded all human beings — laughter. There is no reason whatsoever for their laughter. It is a day when people free themselves and forget any worries they may have.

Ethiopia is one of the few countries in the world that celebrates national laughter day and the rationale behind it is to develop a positive thinking amongst its citizens.

Those who have participated in national laughter days over the past 10 years say they have developed a psychological change. They now believe that laughter is the remedy they need to relax and free their mind from existing political, social and economic hurdles.

The initiator of the laughter day is Ethiopian Girma Belachew, who broke the world record at the World Guinness Impossibility Challenger Event held in Germany Munich in 2002 when he laughed nonstop for three hours and five minutes.

Girma  now owns a school that teaches people how to laugh, and he has shared his laughter concept  with his fellow countrymen. He has had laughing sessions with the military, medical professionals, patients with various ailments, and among other professionals in Ethiopia.

Source: Press TV

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