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‘The Bad Girls Club’ Season 11, Episode 11: ‘Knock Your Socks Off’

The Bad Girls Club Season 11, Episode 11:  Knock Your Socks Off

The Bad Girls Club” Season 11, Episode 11: “Knock Your Socks Off” premieres tonight on Oxygen, where the ladies decide to take action against Shanae when her bad attitude pushes them to the breaking point.

According to VH1, the Bad Girls are invited to audition for a music video, and they’re all turning it up for the cameras in episode 11.  Andrea does her thing on the floor, Gina twerks it, JazMone’s got the coy, smooth moves. But what is this? Shanae, the only professional dancer in the Bad Girl house, doesn’t want to participate. Instead she looks bummed out in the corner of the audition, saying she’s there to “support” the girls. “I don’t see you cheering!” Gina retorts. When Pleasure P finally prods Shanae to get up and dance, she completely kills it. Finally, old Shanae has resurfaced! But…the other girls still want her gone.

Series description:

“A group of rebellious women are put in a house together in an experiment intended to moderate their behavior. These women have issues with anger, trust and control, and they claim they want to change. Will living together help them move forward and turn their lives around — or will chaos rule?”

Watch a sneak peek of “The Bad Girls Club,” season 11, episode 11: “Knock Your Socks Off” below, and tune in Oct. 29 at 8:00p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. CT to see how this week’s drama unfolds.



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10 thoughts on “‘The Bad Girls Club’ Season 11, Episode 11: ‘Knock Your Socks Off’

  1. Marcela Beltre says:

    these bitches kill me they talk like they about that life but they always want to jump a bitch i don't understand that shit Stephanie & GiGi ya pussy for jumping Shanae Gigi ur especially pussy because u only get a backbone when the other girls are around Jazz ur a hater & a instigator as soon as Shanae got the spot with Pleasure P all of a sudden u wanted to get @ her even though Stephanie's drunk ass was the one that has a problem with Shanae getting back to Stephanie how u have an issue with someone just cuz they looking sad? how is that fake? ya fake bitches was rockin with her then ya switched up on her how is she suppose to feel? Andrea ur a cool chick T i fucks with u cuz u hold ur own & new girl Benzy please don't be a follower baby if she wants to be bummed out in a corner let her be

  2. Marcela Beltre says:

    i wish i cud see Gigi, Stephanie, or Jazz wit my bitches we wud put ya on how real bitches get down

  3. Bad Girl season 11 sucks all the girls are a mess were did u get them running down the street

  4. Marcela Beltre says:

    You ain't never lie Patricia Cone

  5. Marcela Beltre says:

    Shanae stay up baby girl

  6. U bitches r not bad ur just hatres and bullies and ur definately not a club because a club sticks together gigi u were getting ur ass beat until the other cowards jumped in way to go bad girls my ass shanea don't let them get u down u've got what it takes no matter what they say

  7. Oops my bad it was stephine who got her ass beat I can't tell one coward from another benz stop kissing ass to fit in u jumped on the side u figured had the most power in the house whose ass do u think they will be all over when shanea is gone could u be the next replacement to go think about it

  8. Pat Patterson says:

    Bad girls club is now starting to be a lame ass show. These hoes can't fight unless they jump someone. Bitch stand ya own ground if you a true bad girl. Anybody that jumps in a fight should be sent home. lame ass hoes!!!

  9. Jazz just hatin cause she cant dance or fight..damn.. Shonae fuck these dumb it up girl do your motherfuckin thang and show these hoes the real you cause you holdin back.. breeze thru them bitche

  10. Cesalee Berry says:

    Shanae wasn't going…

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