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20 Black Inventions Over The Last 100 Years You May Not Know

  Marc-HannahMarc Hannah ( 1956–)

What He Invented: 3-D Graphics Technology Used in Films.

Why It’s Important: Anyone awed by the special effects in the films “Jurassic Park,” “Terminator 2” and “The Abyss” should thank Chicago native Marc Hannah. The computer scientist is one of the founders, in 1982, of the software firm Silicon Graphics (now SGI), where the special-effects genius developed 3-D graphics technology that would be used in many Hollywood movies.


Garrett-MorganGarrett Morgan (1877–1963)

What He Invented: The Modern-Day Gas Mask.

Why It’s Important: In 1916, Garrett Morgan made national news by using his gas mask to rescue 32 men trapped during an explosion in an underground tunnel 250 feet beneath Lake Erie. His invention has saved the lives of many firemen, police and soldiers across the world.


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