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India Arie’s Longtime Producer Inspires Men to ‘Man Up’

man upAward-winning producer Shannon Sanders, who helped craft India Arie’s Video, Brown Skin, Little Things, I Am Not My Hair Cocoa Butter and Just Do You, has released a song and video of his own.

Man Up,” a catchy call to action for men to step up and raise their sons, finds Sanders successfully showcasing his vocal prowess. “It takes a man, to teach a man, to be a man,” he sings on the hard-hitting tune.

“Thanks to my grandfather, uncle and dad, I was able to receive truths about becoming a responsible man…things that I could pass along to my [children]…those insights became a song,” shared Sanders. “It’s important for men to honor their commitments and to be responsible. Learning to ‘Man Up’ is a daily process for us all and I’m simply hoping the song will seek to not just remind men about our roles in the community, but inspire and encourage them too.”

Check out the video here.

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