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Adrian Peterson: Vikings Are ‘Out of Whack’


The Minnesota Vikings suffered a whacky defeat to the New York Giants on Monday night. In a sloppy game, the Vikes failed to adequately give Adrian Peterson the ball, where he had 13 carries for 28 yards.

“It was definitely tough sledding,” Peterson said in an interview after the game. “We just really couldn’t get anything established up front, and that’s where everything starts. We’re just kind of out of whack. [The Giants] were bringing some stunts and a lot of movement up front. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but it kind of put us in an uncomfortable position and we just struggled with that all night.”

Peterson gave his opinion on why the team is having problems running the ball this year.

“One thing I’m going to stress on is being more physical as an offensive unit,” Peterson said. “Definitely be more physical. We were more physical last year. And that’s one thing that stands out this year.”

The running back says he has confidence in his offensive line, but they seem a little out of tune at the moment.

“It’s a struggle and I’ve seen these guys before and I know they can do it,” Peterson said. “They’re just kind of in a funk. They make good plays as well, but there are plays where we just don’t execute like position-wise, we just can’t focus on the offensive line. There are a lot of things we can do as an offensive unit as well.”

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One thought on “Adrian Peterson: Vikings Are ‘Out of Whack’

  1. Adrian Peterson is the one "just kinda out of whack" for abandoning his brain dead child on life support Thursday to practice football on Friday. What type of father leaves his dying child to say in an interview Friday moments before his sons death, "I'm focused, ready to roll" for Sunday? What type of father leaves his child you only met in his death bed to die while you practice? That must have been an awkward moment on the field that Friday practice, learning his child just died as he runs offensive plays with his teammates. In hindsight Adrian Peteson had almost 3 months to visit his living son, Ty. Sure, Peterson may have been inconvenienced in driving the 3 hrs 43 minutes to Sioux Falls from Minneapolis during training camp, then pre-season games, then regular season games. But why did he not as he said in another interview, "supercharged my efforts to see my son" between September 30-October 12(non game days). Two weeks in all, one of them a BYE week., a rest week. The week before his sons death. IMO…there are things a 96$ million salary does not buy. Adrian Peterson can figure that one out by himself.

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