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Rumor Has It: Samsung Galaxy S5 to Debut in January



Samsung has, in a few short years, become a leader in the smartphone industry, especially with its flagship line of Galaxy phones. The most popular of the Galaxy models this year has been the S, which is always in contention as one of the best devices of the year. Samsung has traditionally released the Galaxy S devices in the spring, but now it is being speculated that the company will move that up and debut the phone in January. According to

“This time around, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S5 that’s going for a dance [around the rumor mill], and the latest reports come from the Korean news site¬†Naver¬†(which is run by former Samsung employees; go figure). They indicate that Samsung is prepping to offer up the Samsung Galaxy S5 in January.

“While it’s been suggested that Samsung might use the January Consumer Electronics Show to showcase a new device in the Galaxy line, Samsung has not traditionally held major launch events at CES. According to Naver, though, Samsung will simply tease the Galaxy S5 in mid-January or so, with the phone’s official launch set for February. That would coincide with Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where Samsung has had a presence in the past.”

The last Samsung Galaxy S to be released was the Galaxy S4 in April of 2013, a mere 9 months before consumers would be seeing the new Galaxy S5. This could rub people the wrong way, especially those who have recently purchased the older device. So it may make sense for Samsung to preview the Galaxy S5 in January but not release it until closer to the spring.


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