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Feel Good Vibe: India Arie Uplifts With ‘Just Do You’ Video


India Arie is one of the queens of R&B soul. Her music can be depended upon for a positive and soothing message, and she does exactly that with her single “Just Do You” which is the second from her  album, “SongVersation.” Arie released a visual for the new song, and it is equally as uplifting as the audio. According to

“India Arie wants nothing but to uplift those around her and makes that quite evident in the video for “Just Do You” from her SongVersation album. Watch India as she sheds her business casual digs for a freer ensemble and encourages those around her to do just as the title says.”

In the video, Arie dances around town outside with people of all walks of life. It is definitely a feel good video, and is sure to bring smiles to most faces.

Check India Arie “Just Do You” video below and have a positively soothing day.

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