Maxed Out: HTC One Max Revealed

HTC-One-Mini-HTC-One-MaxSmartphone maker HTC has released its high-end large screen phone, the HTC One Max. The phablet category, which was introduced by Samsung, has proven to be viable, especially for customers who have to make a choice between having a smartphone or a tablet. According to

“The debate around giant smartphones is over. Manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and LG have amply demonstrated that it’s possible to build a pocketable, phone-like device with a screen bigger than five inches. Now it’s HTC’s turn. But instead of re-imagining the much-praised One for this new category of device, HTC’s designers have mostly just cloned it, while adding a drop of Miracle-Gro to produce a 1080p panel that measures 5.9 inches diagonally, versus the One’s 4.7 inches.

“The result is the One Max, a product that carries over some good things from the One while also finding room for a few notable extras like a fingerprint scanner and expandable storage. At the same time, it also introduces some major snags — not least of which are the its intimidating size and weight. The job ahead of us is to somehow find the upper body strength to weigh it all up.”

HTC has been struggling to keep up with the stiff competition lately from companies like Samsung. However, HTC makes great devices and hopefully the HTC One Max will help attract new customers to the brand.

Check out the HTC One Max video below.

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