Timothy Bradley Wants to Take on Floyd Mayweather

tim bradley

World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Timothy Bradley says he’s ready to take on Floyd Mayweather Jr.

After beating Juan Manuel Marquez last Saturday night, Bradley was asked about getting a chance to fight ‘Money’ Mayweather.

“I just want to fight the best fighters out there,” Bradley said. “If a Floyd Mayweather fight were to materialize, I would love to do that. … and I would love to fight the Money team.”

Bradley won the fight against Marquez by leading with an effective jab that he threw often. CompuBox numbers had Bradley connecting on 82 jabs and throwing 337. Marquez only landed 38 of 169 jabs.

Marquez was unable to connect when he got close to Bradley, often missing or blocked.

Prior to the fight, Bradley said he would beat Marquez. Bradley also said he should replace Marquez as the No. 3 ranked boxer on The Ring Magazine’s Pound for Pound list of fighters, behind Mayweather and boxer Andre Ward. This list ranks all boxers regardless of weight class.

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