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Old Cash Money: 2 Chainz ‘Used 2’ Video Takes Us Back

For most rap fans 2 Chainz may be a new phenomenon, but he has been rapping for some time under the moniker, Tity Boi. The rapper showed his old school prowess in his latest video for “Used 2” off his current album “B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time.” The Atlanta rapper went to New Orleans to pay homage to Cash Money Records, and created a video that looks like something from 1999. According to

“Hot Boyz stans were in for a treat when they tuned into 2 Chainz’ new visual for “Used 2.” With appearances from all members including Mannie Fresh (the song’s producer), Lil Wayne, Baby and Juvenile, the Atlanta rapper says on-record that he swiped Juvenile’s flow for the record. ‘See that was easy, Hip-Hop, I took something from Juvenile, I paid homage to Juvenile,’ he says in the latest installment of his ‘Used To’ web-series.”

Check out the “Used 2” video above and also watch 2 Chainz reveal the video’s concept below.

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  1. Calvin Coston says:

    That wasn't Baby, it was Turk.

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