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‘The New Atlanta’ Episode 4: ‘Sashay, Shante, Melee’

The New Atlanta   Season 1, Episode 4On the next “The New Atlanta” Episode 4, “Sashay, Shante, Melee,” Emily brings up a past issue with her ex, while Alex makes a move on Vawn — in front of Africa. Africa is falling hard for Vawn, even as Tribble and Emily grow increasingly suspicious of the producer-turned-paramour’s intentions. After a wild night out on the town, Emily makes a startling accusation against her ex. As Africa looks on, Alex decides to make her move to seduce Vawn.

The heart of the Old South has a new set of faces taking the city by storm in Bravo Media’s docu-series, “The New Atlanta”. The series follows the next generation of the city’s trailblazing young professionals who are hungry to achieve their dreams and find love as they struggle to resolve heartbreaks from the past. Aggressive in both their professional and personal lives, each hopes to make a mark in the cutthroat industries of fashion, music, event planning and business while taking advantage of Atlanta’s hot social scene.

Catch the latest drama on the next ‘The New Atlanta’ Tuesday at 8/7c on Bravo.

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