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Techwars: Apple 5S, 5C Outselling Samsung Galaxy S4


When Apple released its new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C a few weeks ago, some analysts were critical, implying that the 5S wasn’t revolutionary enough and the plastic 5C would be viewed as ‘cheap’ and no different from the previous year’s iPhone. However, early sales numbers are pointing to the contrary. Apple had a record-breaking weekend with the release of the two devices, and reports are suggesting that both models are outselling their rival Samsung Galaxy S4. According to

“Apple’s new iPhone strategy appears to be paying healthy dividends for the company, according to a new research note from analyst firm Canaccord Genuity. The iPhone 5s is outselling the older Samsung Galaxy S4 at all four major U.S. retailers according to the firm’s findings, but the surprising twist is that the iPhone 5c is outselling the Samsung flagship rival at both AT&T and Sprint, too.

“The bottom line here is very promising for Apple, which has shown that it can put forth a strong showing not just with a top-tier device, but also with a lower cost option which retains most of the internal tech of the last generation iPhone with a cosmetic update that likely actually results in lower costs to manufacture. So not only is Apple probably selling more of these compared to previous last-gen offerings, like the iPhone 4s when the 5 remained on the market, it could be clearing greater profit on each sale, too.”

These sales numbers are an early look from one research firm and are restricted to the U.S. market. If Apple sees similar success in emerging markets like China and India, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will be runaway successes. The new devices may help Apple reclaim the spot it once held as No. 1 in the smartphone market.



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