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8 Militant Islamic Groups Terrorizing Africa Today


The bloody siege on Nairobi’s Westgate Mall on Sept. 21 was carried out by a Somali-based group called al-Shabab. The militant group was previously in decline and had largely gone unnoticed as a major threat. But by tying up the Kenyan security forces for four days in the nation’s capitol and leaving 63  dead, including diplomats and a prominent Ghanaian poet, al-Shabab, which means, “the youth,” put themselves on the global terror map.
Boko Haram

Boko Haram – “Western education is sinful” – that is the direct translation of the name of Nigerian Islamic extremist group, according to The group has handcuffed the northern half of the region with increasingly violent attacks and is on the brink of being declared as a terrorist organization by the United States. Since 2010, Boko Haram has become a legitimate threat to the most populated country in Africa, and it is forcing the world to take notice.

Over 1,000 deaths have been linked to Boko Haram’s activities since the beginning of 2011, as the group continues its efforts to overthrow the Nigerian government and establish Islamic law in the nation. Suicide bombings have become a regular method of attack for the group, including a car bombing that struck a United Nations building in the Nigerian capital of Abuja last August, leaving 25 dead. The group recently kidnapped over 200 schoolgirls at night in Nigeria. It is believed they are forcing the women into marriages. The Nigerian government has been slow to act to bring the young women home.


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14 thoughts on “8 Militant Islamic Groups Terrorizing Africa Today

  1. Mpo Mapisa says:

    USA is terrorizing Africa. Racially mixed in the USA are not black, Obama is not "black"

  2. all of the West is terrorizing Africa….and yet they continue to terrorize themselves….may Allah discipline those who kill innocents wrongly in His name and spread false doctrines of hate and discord

  3. Those Molatos are not blacks because there are a lot of them in Africa or are you just talking about USA alone? Obama is black only misguided!

  4. Nasidi Yusuf says:


  5. Gary Rigg says:

    If Jesus didn't stop his Europeans from terrorizing Africans, you really think Allah is going to stop his Muslims?

  6. Kimberly Walton says:

    are u saying no black american should be considered black??if so, why??

  7. Kimberly Walton ,he is adressing Obama,not black people

  8. Ajmul Hoque says:

    Plz Watch 'John Perkins confession of an Economic Hitman' and listen to the Truth. You will come to learn who the REAL terrorists are.

  9. Mpo Mapisa… Take ur egnorant miseducated behind outta here…fucking everybody is mixed with something … Obama is black African Americans are black too… Light skinned curly hair Fulani in Mali Niger and all over west Africa are black… Somalians Ethiopians and some Egyptians Moroccans and Algerians are black as well… Just bcos ur are darker than mid night doesn't make you any blacker than the rest of us , idiot

  10. Finding Peace says:

    Gary Rigg Lol, talk about trying to be witty but failing in every way. How on earth do you expect Spiritual entities to physically intervene in mortal endeavours? Rofl.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yet again, we manage to divide ourselves with this illusion of spirituality called religion. Faith in religion does not make people who they are not. These hateful savages have an Agenda that is anti-African. Why are the other races spared? Do we recall the great drive to Christianize Africa; the Crusade. As Africans we need to strengthen our minds and fight this evil! Take back our children from the clutches of self serving muslims who intend of taking our lands, our heritage and our freedom from us.

  12. Gary Rigg I have not read or heard anything this right on point, as what you have said here.

  13. Ibrahim-dada Disu says:

    Islam in Africa was a curse,a curse then,a curse now and curse for the future of Africans.

  14. Rio Drama says:

    If you want to control a people, just give them a GOD to worship. The introduction of Allah to Africa was followed by the Muslim conquest of half of the African continent. With Jesus the entire Africa stumbled on colonialism and enslavement. Religions are man made for mass control. Religions are the source of all deadly horrendous evils. You can never know your enemy until you know his GOD.

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