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Inspirational and Thought-Provoking Quotes From 14 Influential Black Leaders

black leaders mlk Martin Luther King Jr.

-Activist, Leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement-

“Many of the ugly pages of American history have been obscured and forgotten. A society is always eager to cover misdeeds with a cloak of forgetfulness, but no society can fully repress an ugly past when the ravages persist into the present. America owes a debt of justice which it has only begun to pay. If it loses the will to finish or slackens in its determination, history will recall its crimes and the country that would be great will lack the most indispensable element of greatness — justice.”

“Where Do We Go from Here : Chaos or Community?” (1967), p. 109

“If a city has a 30 percent Negro population, then it is logical to assume that Negroes should have at least 30 percent of the jobs in any particular company, and jobs in all categories rather than only in menial areas.”

Interview in Playboy magazine, (1968)

black leaders NnamdiBenjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe

-First President of Nigeria-

“There is plenty of room at the top because very few people care to travel beyond the average route. And so most of us seem satisfied to remain within the confines of mediocrity.”

“My Odyssey: An Autobiography,” (1970)

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4 thoughts on “Inspirational and Thought-Provoking Quotes From 14 Influential Black Leaders

  1. Idro Isaac says:

    This is one of websites that is inspirational in many ways.However, there is need to improve the site by advertising some black businesses….this is my opinion.

  2. Adaj Parr says:

    Hypocrisy on the part of Ben Jealous and what the NAACP is doing in Detroit, Michigan by having local chapter attorney representing a candidate who is wanting to suppress election fraud evidence uncovered during the recount of the August 6, 2013 mayoral primary.

    Attorney Butch Hollowell who represents Detroit branch of the NAACP and a candidate Mike Duggan argued before the Wayne County Board of Canvassers to suppress evidence of election. The evidence of election fraud is associated with attorney Hollowell’s candidate/client. The Rev. Wendell Anthony who heads up the Detroit local branch has not spoken out against the fraud, instead has remain silent while attorney Hollowell fights get the fraud evidence from going to the Wayne County Prosecutor. Not one word from Ben Jealous on the conflict of attorney Hollowell, or the silence from Rev. Anthony on the election fraud.

    This leads many Detroiters to believe the NAACP supports election and voter fraud. There is a growing dislike of the NAACP in regards to Detroit situation. Many in the community are mounting a challenge to make it hard leading to the 2014 elections.

    If the NAACP cannot support Fair and Honest election now, why would they be supportive in 2014?

  3. Cortney Akana says:

    The last on by Sojourner Truth is probably the best one.

  4. Kihodu Chuks says:

    more need to be done.

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