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Dominican Republic Strips Citizenship from Haitian-Dominicans

According to a report by The Associated Press, “Experts warned Friday that a Dominican Republic court decision to strip citizenship from children of Haitian migrants could cause a human rights crisis, potentially leaving tens of thousands of people stateless, facing mass deportation and discrimination.

“Officials promised to create a path to Dominican citizenship, but gave no details about how it would work or who would be covered.

“The ruling by the Constitutional Court is final and gives the electoral commission one year to produce a list of people to be excluded from citizenship.”

The decision applies to those born after 1929 — a category that overwhelmingly includes descendants of Haitians brought in to work on farms. It appears to affect even their grandchildren, said Wade McMullen, a New York-based attorney at the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights.

A U.N.-backed study released this year estimated that there are nearly 210,000 Dominican-born people of Haitian descent and roughly another 34,000 born to parents of another nationality.

Dominican Republic Continues Racist Treatment of Haitians, 75 Years After Massacre

Many of those “are now effectively stateless,” McMullen said. “We really don’t know what’s going to happen to those people … Based on what the Dominican government is saying, these people are not Dominican citizens and will have to leave and effectively go to Haiti, where they are also not citizens. It creates an extremely complicated situation.”

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10 thoughts on “Dominican Republic Strips Citizenship from Haitian-Dominicans

  1. We are going to be forced to unite, whether we like it or not, the Creator is allowing us to see this due to our lack of love for one another, we must be the change and want for each other what we want for ourselves if we plan to survive in the near future.

  2. Moor-ena El says:

    thing that kills me is that island used to be ALL haiti

  3. Dominique Nerestan says:

    why are my people (Haitians) continue to be subjected to such racist, inhumane conditiond in DR? Dominicans forget they are just as Black as we are. I will never set foot in DR. They are not worth my money

  4. Dominique Nerestan says:

    psst.. Haitians, you are not Dominicans!

  5. when the $$$ get funny ignorance haz an opportunity 2 take a stronger hold on the mentality of oppressed people…alwayz looking 4 somebody 2 blame…we're no different here n amerikkka…clozing the borderz 2 "mexicanz" iz just az crazy

  6. James Cl says:

    So what now if USA decides to deport all the Dominicans who have born in the USA.
    it is the same thing … This is not fair and it is not gonna happen.

  7. Pierre Jabouin says:

    El Gobierno Hatiano tiene que deportar a todos los Dominicanos que viven en Haiti.

  8. Pierre Jabouin says:

    Una calle de dos vias.

  9. Anonymous says:

    this makes me angry. I live in a heavy populated Dominican community who own businesses here, overall largely Latin and West Indian community on Long Island, NY. We have many Haitians here and my son's father is Haitian. I am so disgusted with the attitude of the Dominicans and their dislike of black skin, black hair and anything African. I have a half Puerto Rican half Dominican daughter in law who does not relate to that kind of ignorance and leans toward her black side, even though it's several generations back and a friend who is also of the same mix who only claims her African heritage. But it's the men here who are very arrogant and rude. I'm not one to dislike people because of what they are, but I really don't like the attitude of many of the people of Dominican descent. On top of that to come to my village where i was born of black parents to treat me and my people like this has caused a dissention between Dominicans, even the African looking ones and the African American community. This denial of their African heritage is really a shame. White man has done a wonderful jhob of brainwashing people.

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