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Drake, Elliott Wilson Wrap Up #CRWN Interview With Fan Questions


The most insightful interview by recording artist Drake since his media blitz for his new album Nothing Was The Same, has been his 75-minute wide-ranging conversation with journalist Elliott Wilson for #CRWN. Videos of the interview were released in three parts, with the fan-driven final segment posted Friday.

According to

“In the third and final segment of Drake’s ‘CRWN’ interview with Elliott Wilson presented by Myspace, fans participated in a Q&A session that touched on everything from that Jaden Smith shirt; who he still wants to collaborate with; and why ‘Twitter isn’t real.'”

“Drake talked about how his life is very much out in the open—whether it’s his age, his past on Degrassi or his fashion, he has nothing to hide from the fans and the critics.”

Referring to the scrutiny and criticism he gets in the online world Drake shrugged it off, saying:

“If that’s the best thing you have on me then why wouldn’t I?… That’s amazing, things could be so much worse,” Drake said. “I’m able to laugh first of all, I don’t take myself too serious enough to the point that it’s like, when something’s funny, I’m all about funny. I’ll laugh at anything, I love to laugh. Even if it’s at the expense of myself. I understand what Instagram and the Internet and all that has become. Any image of you that’s remotely just slightly off a bit, they’re gonna capitalize on that.”

Check out part 3 of the #CRWN interview below.

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