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Ray Lewis: Ravens Showed Lack of Leadership by Mocking Jacoby Jones

Ray Lewis Former Ravens star, Ray Lewis announced on his ESPN show that the Ravens lack leadership since Lewis and Ed Reed left the team. Seems like Lewis was onto something given the team’s reaction to their teammate Jacoby Jones‘ bottle-over-the-head incident.

Jones was at a party with teammate Bryant McKinnie early Monday morning, when a brawl broke out and a stripper named Sweet Pea smashed a champagne bottle over Jones’ head. Jones was bleeding from the head as a result, but refused treatment and didn’t go to the hospital.

To Lewis’ point, instead of encouraging Jones to make better decisions, coaches and team leaders mocked him and McKinnie during practice yesterday—playing Tommy Roe’s 1966 hit “Sweet Pea” over the loud speaker.

Here’s a video of the track below:

Jones hasn’t reacted to the team’s jokes publicly, but many believe that it is not a big deal. Yeah, tell that to Lewis.

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