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‘Survivor’ Season 27, Episode 2: ‘Rule In Chaos’

Survivor 2013  Season 27 Blood vs Water

Survivor” Season 27 Episode 2, “Rule In Chaos” airs tonight on CBS, where a new alliance of seasoned players targets one of their own.

In tonight’s episode, we get to see the first castaway leave the island. Last week’s Tribal Council determined which contestants were in danger of being sent home, but host Jeff Probst announced the return of Redemption Island. So tonight three castaways will battle it out to stay on “Survivor” 2013 Season 27.  Meanwhile, Colton is up to his old tricks, trying to disturb the peace at camp.

Who will go home tonight? Find out when “Survivor” Season 27 Episode 2 “Rule In Chaos” airs tonight at 8:00 pm/7 central on CBS.


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