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‘Life After’ Season 5, Episode4: Jimmie Walker: Life After ‘Good Times’


On the next “Life After” Season 5 Episode 4 Jimmie Walker: Life After ‘Good Times’ it all starts with Dyn-o-mite! Sitcom icon Jimmie Walker began his career working behind the scenes at a local radio station, knew he was destined to be in the spotlight. Walker began performing stand-up comedy and garnered coveted appearances on shows like “The Jack Paar Show” and “Laugh In.” When he was cast as J.J. Evans on the iconic television show “Good Times,” Jimmie Walker became a household name. After “Good Times,” he appeared in many TV shows and films. Now Walker has returned to his stand-up roots, performing and making people laugh year-round across America.

Don’t miss the latest episode of “Life After” on Wednesday 10p.m. on TVOne.

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