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Kerry Washington Named World’s Best-Dressed Woman

kerry washington 1Actress Kerry Washington is having an amazing year as she skyrockets from booking roles as a wife or girlfriend to Hollywood’s new “it” girl.

According to CNN: “It is undeniable Washington is having a moment. Not only has she seemingly been on the cover of every magazine lately, but the actress also managed to pull off a Hollywood coup by getting married without the world even knowing she was dating.”

Her most recent feat? She has been named People magazine’s World’s Best-Dressed Woman.

Huff Post notes the decisions by the actress to take risks on the red carpet made her a frontrunner.

“Washington has proved a red-carpet risk-taker, wearing up-and-coming designers and making atypical choices – such as a crystal-covered coral Miu Miu gown for the Oscars. At Tuesday’s pre-Emmy reception, she wore a hot-pink cocktail frock.”

This coming Sunday all eyes will be on the leading lady of ABC’s hit show “Scandal” as she competes to win her first Emmy for outstanding lead actress in a drama. Washington, who became the first African-American woman to lead a network show in almost 40 years, is only the second African-American woman to be nominated for the honor. Cicely Tyson was nominated in 1995 for “Sweet Justice.”

Washington approaches fashion the same way she approaches her work, which may account for her success. In a recent interview with Glamour magazine, she revealed:

“I researched her like any other character. I actually called Tracee Ellis Ross, who’s a good friend, and literally asked, “How do you pronounce Hermès?” Red-Carpet Kerry needed to know. I’ve had to learn about fashion because as an actor, it’s such a huge part of the marketing. I’m the daughter of a professor, and an A student, and I approach it as a student. I do my research. I stay informed. I communicate with the designers.”

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