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15 Nations Currently Seeking Reparations For Slavery

Caricom:  Lawyers and academics gathered  Sept. 16, in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to advance an effort by more than a dozen regional nations to seek slavery reparations from three European countries that benefited from the Atlantic slave trade.  The three-day conference was the first major step forward since the 15 member states of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) announced in July that it intended to demand compensation for slavery and the genocide of native people from the governments of Britain, France and the Netherlands.

At the time of emancipation of slaves in 1834, Britain paid 20 million pounds to British planters in the Caribbean, the equivalent of some 200 billion pounds ($315 billion) today. Nothing was paid to the Africans who were  enslaved. Below are five member states of Caricom with reparations movements prior to the Sept. 16 event.

Source: USA Today

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65 thoughts on “15 Nations Currently Seeking Reparations For Slavery

  1. Benee' Nee' says:


  2. Benee' Nee' says:

    this photo hurts my heart……

  3. Rhyle Small says:

    What is the UN position on this. Or is the UN a sham

  4. Pasha Golliday says:

    We are National Treasures but we will not demand to be treated that way. We have never litigated this issue. The process in it itself should serve as education for anyone who denies my assertion.

    Our ancestors 400+ year of FREE LABOR that built this country and it economy and the century of Jim Crow laws after slavery should be litigated and or we should demand/petition for there be congressional hearings held regarding this to determine further action.

    We should honor our ancestor’s lives as if they matter and have value to us. I know they would want us to do anything in our power to seek justice for what happened to them.

    We have never done this that is why we are still being oppressed and enslaved in prisons today.

  5. Benjó James says:

    Blacks enslaved their own people. Europeans shouldn't be paying shit.

  6. Then why aint we rich to you dirty ass cracker.

  7. Shay Finnie says:

    Its really not about the enslavement part for me it all about the treatment they had to go through. All the murdered families white mans anger and he is still angry and our people and for what because he has to work for himself yeah the lazy asses they stole every invention and claimed as theirs they has no clue thats why they always say the same old bull crap "blacks enslaved blacks liers and demons and today you still have you great great great great grandparents anger til this day look how the are killing in every country, divied and concour sad sad race and one day you will get whats coming to you

  8. Robert Bell says:

    Kill the white people…

  9. Robert Diligo Taylor says:

    Just be glad it's not you, and go on spreading your stereotypes, the queen, the vatican, your bible all was used to justify slavery. You people want to go to war over your propaganda, now live up the them bullshit lies of laws. If not then fuck your opinion, you come to my door, I blow you brains out…lol fuck you and your opinion…lol

  10. Robert Diligo Taylor says:

    The Marshall Plan, my family tax dollars used to rebuild europe after wwii, I'm black, tell me why my family tax dollars go to build your country? Your just a hateful sucker, go sit on a dick at the vatican and shut up faggot.

  11. Robert Diligo Taylor says:

    Europeans won't pay shit just your faggot leaders and bank institutions that profit from slavery so shut up. Black leaders in africa we tricked into giving they enemies over to liar europeans that was looking to use people to make there investments in the americas profitable with free labor, they did not know the european is chief liar and has no love for humanity, learn the facts, you just think you right cause your white, but the whole world say fuck your opinion dumb ass, read sucker, read history, the real history.

  12. Robert Diligo Taylor says:

    Your just mad whole world figure out white man lies…lol we love exposing your lies

  13. Robert Diligo Taylor says:

    Your moors are just mad they tricked you into thinking when they took over the world you were going to be their partner, we know what's up with your group too…lol you got suckered too…

  14. Benjó James says:

    Well that escalated quickly.

  15. yes it did escalate. whites enslaved their port own people . whatThey e cc m

  16. and they used the black man to build their countries up only to make laws, kill them in front of their families to prove his powerful the sir means words were.. and they used there's sake laws to continue Jim Crows Legacy

  17. correction:' they use these same laws to take our men from ou

  18. our homes. hell yea they should be compensated because the wrong people is tapping the benefits of our access hard work

  19. Benjó James says:

    Robert Diligo Taylor. Black people still started the Atlantic Slave Trade. Who do you think Europeans bought the slaves off?

  20. lol its war criminals that africans enslaved they did not burn, whip, drag, etc them they treated them like people europeans saw them less then human as properties to sell and trade them when ever they please…you really dont know shit about slavery so do everyone a favor and stfu.

  21. Benjó James europeans tricked them the kings thought they would stay them free after they severed their time they also kid nipped people when some nations say no to them. Just stop you really dont know shit not that you give a shit its not like its your history…

  22. Benjo James, I won't even dignify your comment.

  23. Rodney E Black says:

    Just to read an article so profound and heart breaking makes me wonder about African-American current conditions compared to those immigrants whom migrated here from other countries inwhich; many have won citizenship by bills being passed like a political football while many African-Americans of this generation are suffering in prisons throughout this country and still has the highest poverty rate amongst many other immigrants today has had profound impact on society and our next generation. Slavery Reparations bill will probably never pass in my lifetime or even make it the floor of the house to even be voted upon because even my parents who were from the deep south once said" The White Man Don't Owe you nothing" and that might be true even with the first African-American President who desendant from and African father will probably never ask for such a bill.

  24. This is true. But did you know that this was sometimes out if protection for family members and loved ones? Hopefully you aren't the type who has watched movies like Django, The Color Purple and Roots and thinks they know everything about it.

  25. Benjo james. What does blacks enslaving their own people have to do with Europeans enslaving other then their own people? You wrote that statement like as if "case closed" Benjo learn your history first alright…then talk.

  26. JR Mesha says:

    I am happy the Caribbean countries are beginning to see the relevance of having these life changing talks. We need to deal with certain issues that is facing the caribbean people as earnestly as we can without being bitter.There are many countries in the Caribbean sea and if we come together and stick together we are able to create a powerful force. We need to focus more on keeping the Caribbean’s jewels in the Caribbean for our children to benefit from. What is wrong with the Caribbean that we have to chronically leave after school. Isn’t it blessed enough why are we out here? Our Prime Ministers must smarten up. Maybe they need to come out here and see for themselves the way we have to live in foreign and perhaps this would push them to work together for a great cause. Because as a person who has come out here with the false idea that foreign is better I could now attest to the fact that foreign has some issues that are fuelled by slavery which they still use to run their societies. And until they forget how to use such sinister ways then no one is going to forget about slavery anytime soon. I am still fighting with the thought that societies that boast modernity are still using the old ways to denigrate and shackle, to keep those termed animals during slavery times at such level. who has eyes to see let them see. who has ears to hear let them hear.

  27. Garland Lifeafterdebt says:

    Because we'd rather be entertained. If you can't put it in a show, we ain't interested. We can care less about the work and ancestors did because no matter what we will still support the very businesses that benefited from slavery. We will be consumed in being consumers of $120 billion of goods and services that we own none of. We prefer to be riddled with mediocre education, substandard health processes, criminal convictions, financial inferiority, credit degradation and familial failure. We insist our future will always be bleak unless it is headlined by Drake and JayZ. Our sons success will only be glorified if they can run fast or slam dunk. Our most valuable resource shall only be invested in if she can twerk and make her butt clapp. I will only attend my future if you attach a free ticket to it and put it on Instagram because i b gone str8 flecsin! #lifeafterdebt #dontlookdown

  28. Garland Lifeafterdebt says:

    smh…you want to make a difference? Start with learning who you REALLY are as a person…AFRICAN AMERICAN, BLACK, NEGRO, COLORED, AFRO AMERICAN…none of which are recognized by anyone as a nationality. Now who are you, because you can't for that which you are not entitled to. Africa is a continent people. You don't see anyone claiming North American. Read, then read some more, then consult, and then read some more and then we will be able to meaningfully discuss possibility of reparations with those to whom they are due.

  29. Benjó James says:

    It means Europeans shouldn't be paying shit.

  30. Benjó James says:

    We were once slaves. We got over it. I suggest you do too.

  31. Benjó James You know you lost your mind on this one!

  32. Benjó James what country are you from. Ireland? becasue they was slaves to England along with Scotland.

  33. Robert Diligo Taylor Man be quiet!

  34. Pasha Golliday says:

    Garland Lifeafterdebt wow preach

  35. Deborah Rosanwo says:

    Garland Lifeafterdebt So sad. So true. But let us who obviously think differently actively support the campaign because by just passively agreeing but doing nothing are we allowing the "twerkers and slam dunker" stereotype of us to to be propogated.

  36. Gloria Evans says:

    People like you should hide under a rock. What goes around comes around..

  37. Gloria Evans says:

    Sick Of It All

  38. I had not supported all this talk of reparation in the past, but I am now starting to look at the state we are generally in as a people, fragmented, impoverished and self loathing, trapped by the prison system. That payout would be a boon to black commerce and would benefit us all in ways previously unimagined. With a sound economic blueprint and prudent financial management, there could be created a black business and merchant class never before seen. It could also finance more black doctors, lawyers and politicians who will help us to accquire and maintain our true status.

  39. Laban Selvey Bey says:

    Knowing your nationality is the key. The UN will never pay reparations to Negroes, blacks, coloreds, or African Americans….because legally they don't exists.

  40. Moor-ena El says:

    Benjó James that's right little one, we DID enslave you first.

  41. I don't think most people think all the wrong things like having someone be a role model just because they can sing or dance and I think I should enjoy my free ticket because someone before me worked really hard for me to have that free ticket.

  42. Karlene Chance says:

    What's the point of reparations? How do you quantify the intangibles and the ones who never made it? Say the Europeans do give us millions & trillions of dollars for reparations, the next day they'll just devalue the money to nothing and we will be back at "square one."

  43. Ianthe Smith says:

    More money, more problems………that we dont need!

  44. Mary Stewart Haley says:

    If there was not a demand for the slaves then there would have not been a reason for the African people to participate in the supplying of the slaves, which was done under the fact that the Africans did not fully understand the true, horrific, brutal nature of enslavement in Europe and the Americas, so yes the Europeans should pay! plus you can not fairly judge the systems of enslavement in Africa to that of the one in America, because the systems were very different with the one in the Americas being more cruel due certain variables, such as the breaking off of one from their culture, traditions, and history, the breaking up of families, the rape and sexual exploitation, the kidnapping, transportation, and dispersetion of a people away from their homeland, the brutal forms of punishment, the psychological abuse, the denying of educational rights, and being treated as property or animals, etc. so I would say that yes the reparations are due!

  45. Mary Stewart Haley says:

    Benjó James You are wrong when you say that blacks started the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, it was actually started by the Portuguese.

  46. Mary Stewart Haley says:

    Benjó James You say that we were once slaves and got over it, but when was this, because it is easy to get over something that happened long, long ago, but when you speak of enslavement in America it was only slightly less than 150 years ago and in the span of the history of man 150 years is like yesterday, thus fresh in people's minds, it is therefore harder to get over something that is that recent in history and still having affects upon our society today, plus it is just unfair to tell somebody to get over something that has happened to their ancestors, people are justified in their anger or sadness of what their ancestors endured!!!!!

  47. Benjó James says:

    Hameen J. Berkeley England. Both the Angles and Celts from which I'm descended were enslaved by Romans. We're over it. You should be too.

  48. JD JD says:

    Age old point, but in the grand scheme of things I never quite understood why the tribes that enslaved and sold other tribes are not being held accountable for anything? Or is everyone still under the impression that white nations mounted, funded and executed expeditions to go capture other cultures with nets? I guess it is not easy admitting you where sold out by your own kind….

  49. Kill them all except for my wife!!!!!

  50. Raz Chamber says:

    Robert Bell – fuck you.

  51. Chris Hord says:

    You people cry racism at the drop of a hat at the same time Robert Bell says kill the white people. Practice what you preach.

  52. Tj Lee Williams says:

    You got American citizenship. That's a hell of a lot more valuable than 40 acres and a mule. There are your reparations. You're welcome.

  53. We built this country up for you. You're welcome

  54. Sophonie Pierre hahaha! YOU didn't build shit. And as for the generations before you they didn't do shit except farm work. So long as we're taking credit for our ancestors, you're welcome you don't live in a hut in W. Africa as the ninth wife of a yam farmer.

  55. Brenda Nasr says:

    Tj Lee Williams This is funny coming from a descendant of beasts. Go crawl back into the cave from which you came and please stop traipsing around the world like some inbred Christopher Columbus. Pro tip: being around Brown people doesn't make you any more interesting, you bland, Neanderthal-looking, no-chin having cracker.

  56. Tj Lee Williams that life is far better than the one your culture offers, with its poison food, poison water, disease based health care, inferior schools, capitalistic predatory economy, you are delusional. those people who still live in the rural parts of africa have no idea how lucky they are.

  57. you know that is exactly what they did.U R not confused. you just cannot take responsibility for what happened after you bought/captured the people. your true nature was revealed, that's all.

  58. or so they tell you. they never get full of the money, now do they?

  59. please, leave obama out of this. he has clearly shown where his loyalties lay. they used a "black" man to take down gadhafi.

  60. don't ever let anybody tell you the white race is civilized.

  61. JD JD says:

    Farntella Graham I think you need to go do some reading about history, and not from a highschool text book or some radical zen. There where major tribes in Africa and later china that made lots of money off of selling their lower classes into slave labor for foreigners…..Get over it people are horrible when it comes to money. There is not one race in this world you can just blame for everything……go have a joint and try to get outside of your little box

  62. AO Green says:

    That's the problem we do not have a sound economic blueprint and the majority of us do not know how to handle money wisely in general.

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