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Vikings DT Christian Ballard Leaves The NFL: ‘It Wasn’t A Blast For Me’

Former defensive tackle Christian Ballard says he left the Minnesota Vikings because “He wasn’t living right.”

There isn’t anything deep about it and he is not mentally or physically ill, and he’s not in trouble–football is the problem.

“I wasn’t really having a good time playing football. It wasn’t fun for me. It wasn’t a blast for me,” Ballard told reporters on Tuesday, in his first interview since the Vikings put him on the reserve/left squad list Aug. 18.

“Making that much money – that was fun. But money is still a material thing. You can always make money. You can’t make that time that you lose with your friends and your loved ones. Time is something that you can never get back.”

However, Ballard still has to work out the kinks on this peace thing.

USA TODAY reported that on Thursday police arrested Ballard and his wife, Victoria Hallenbeck, for domestic battery after an argument at their Lawrence, Kan. apartment. The district attorney declined to press charges because neither had any physical injury, and they were considered mutual aggressors. But Ballard spent 29 hours behind bars.

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