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Homeopathic Treatment Can Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

alzheimer disease

A huge discovery in the natural treatment of Alzheimer’s disease was recently reported at the Neuroscience Conference in Washington by the National Center for Homeopathy. Homeopathic manufacturer and research organization, Heel, presented studies on a multi-target, combination homeopathic medicine that has proven effective for both relieving symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and influencing the reduction of the formation of amyloid plaques in the brains of patients. In-vitro and in-vivo studies were conducted in France and Finland, and confirm that subjects showed enhanced learning abilities, an increase in their ability to recognize objects, and improvement in memory performance after treatment.

Classical homeopathy also offers patients hope. Classical homeopathy uses one remedy at a time, and may take a similar multi-targeted approach to treating Alzheimer’s; however, the practitioner may either alternate or use several remedies in succession rather than combining them. The announcement from Heel allows people, who wouldn’t otherwise seek homeopathic treatment, to feel more confident of its efficacy.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s is an affliction of the brain causing the gradual deterioration of brain cells that result in the loss of memory, cognitive abilities and intelligence. The disease afflicts primarily the elderly and symptoms are often seen as early as the late 40s. Alzheimer’s is the primary cause of dementia, a decline in brain performance, thinking skills and reasoning. The disease is caused by two abnormalities including neurofibrillary tangles (or bunches of altered proteins inside brain cells) and amyloid plaques (or fragments of proteins forming outside the brain cells).

Symptoms and Presentation

Alzheimer’s most common early symptom is memory loss. Progressing age is the common denominator in the development of the disease, bringing difficulties in thinking, reasoning, communication and forgetfulness. Patients feel lost in familiar places and are unable to recognize their family members and friends. Loss of words, the ability to speak, and loss of judgment also characterize this disease. Additionally, patients may experience personality changes, becoming suspicious, angry, fearful, moody and highly dependent on family members and caretakers.

Read more at Natural News.

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22 thoughts on “Homeopathic Treatment Can Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

  1. Roger Bird says:

    I love homeopathy. Fish oil and coconut oil will also help, along with a balanced diet.

  2. Laurie Willberg says:

    Homeopathy can also remediate or cure Parkinson's.

  3. Thank you for this positive article about the benefits of homeopathy. As a patient and student of homeopathy for the past 20+ years, I have benefited immesurably from homeopathy. The pages of my Materia Medica are well worn and marked with highlights of remedies that helped alleviate a toothache from an abscessed tooth on a weekend that my dentist was unavailable. Under the advice of my homeopath, I have been able to use many other remedies for acute conditions with great results. For instance:

    Homeopathic Sulphur cured two cases of conventionally treated mange in a dog of my husband's aunt and another dog belonging to one of my friends.

    Two family members with broken bones were facing surgery to repair because of slow healing. Homeopathic Symphytum hastened the healing of the breaks and both family members were able to avoid surgery. Before and after x-rays and ultrasound documented the healings in both cases.

    Homeopathic Silicea opened and helped drain a lipoma the size of a golf ball from our family dog's right shoulder. No veterinary intervention required. Even on an outpatient basis, the surgery, local anesthesia, bandaging and antibiotics would most likely have cost well over a few hundred dollars.

    Our family homeopath prescribed a remedy that helped my husband avoid back surgery for two herniated discs at the L4 and L5 level. The herniated discs were documented by both x-ray and ultrasound both before and after treatment. He had been in excruciating pain and for six months could only walk using a cane.

    Several years ago my cholesterol level was off the charts. After viewing the lab report, my homeopath prescribed a remedy and on repeated lab testing a month later, my cholesterol was within normal limits. It has remained normal since that time. I took no other medication and no dietary change was necessary.

    Living in Florida where fleas on pets is a huge problem, I have used homeopathic Ruta graveolens in all my dogs' water dishes for the past four years. The use of Ruta to deter fleas was mentioned in the book “Homoeopathy for Farm and Garden” by Kaviraj which I purchased on Amazon. Before I knew that this remedy could solve the problem safely and inexpensively, I had paid hundreds of dollars for flea shots, dips and whatever else I could get my hands on. None worked. I am so pleased to be able to use something this inexpensive and non-toxic for my dogs.

  4. here it is folks! Heel my have hit on something and the substances are all unpatented available at any homeopathic pharmacy cheaply personally id rather find a homeopath

  5. Christine Jahnig says:

    How wonderful to hear this news. I'm sure that homeopaths, patients and their families have all known that homeopathy can help people who suffer from Alzheimer's, but this puts the icing on the cake!

  6. Guy Chapman says:

    There are only three problems with homeopathy:

    1. There's no reason to think it should work.
    2. There's no way it can work.
    3. There's no proof it does work.

    The impassioned pleas of believers such as Sandra are touching, but dangerously misguided. Every single observation of homeopathy is fully consistent with the null hypothesis – i.e. that it does nothing.

    If homeopathy worked, the universe would be fundamentally different. The science that conflicts – very deeply – with homeopathy is the same science that makes computers and lasers work. You can only read this because of science that is totally inconsistent with the claims of homeopathy.

    As the evidence against it has mounted, it has become a religion. The prophets and evangelists cry the gospels from the rooftops, but their beliefs are entirely unsupported by reality. Does like cure like? No, it does not. Does dilution increase potency? Don't be ridiculous. Is disease caused by miasms? Ridiculous: that belief was dropped a hundred years ago.

    In fact it's probably just as well it doesn't work: any sufferer form an autoimmune disease will tell you that if things dissolved in water genuinely could boost your immune system, every glass from the tap would be a gamble.

    Everything we have found out since homeopathy was invented, says it's not true. Everything we see from homeopaths as "proof", is also fully consistent with it doing nothing. The scientific debate is long over: it doesn't work, move on.

  7. Guy Chapman says:

    Can anyone explain why this "!finding" has not been replicated since the 2011 poster session in which it was presented? And why a two-year-old recycled press release from Natural News, of all the arse-wipes on the planet, is being republished here masquerading as news?

  8. who brainwashed you. You are quite simply wrong Mr Flat Earth Society.

  9. Guy – are you vaccinated against anything? If you are, that is 'like curing like'. I have also suffered from ME and there are no drugs to treat this. Curiously, the homeopathy that you say 'no way can it work' is the only thing that worked.And I was sceptical as hell, believe me! Proof is in the pudding and it's no use saying it's placebo. If it was, why wouldn't other methods of treatment work? Ever heard of the term TEETH (Tried Everything Else Try Homeopathy)? I'm sure if you asked most people who rate homeopathy, they would tell you they'd already tried other more conventional forms of treatment. If we accept that food is natural and provides us nourishment, why is it that we think only synthetic drugs can treat our ailments? Slightly limiting if you ask me.

  10. sounds like homeopathy is not for you! the rest of us will continue to benefit in your absence.

  11. Guy Chapman says:

    By "the rest of us will continue to benefit", you evidently mean homeopaths will continue to profit. This is, after all, the only provable "benefit" of homepathy

  12. Edward Nauen says:

    No, it can't. If you sell homeopathy, you are a quack who should be prosecuted for fraud, if you buy it you are a credulous halfwit who shouldn't be allowed out without a carer. There is NO evidence that it works, not even a teeny tiny bit.

  13. James Michael Carmack says:

    Edward Nauen, it would seem that you're the idiot and halfwit. Many homeopathic and natural cures have been around for centuries. Moreover, where do you think that the current drugs that are on the market originated from? Mainstream doctors used to use homeopathic cures all the time until the Rockefellers founded The American Medical Association and also started the pharmaceutical companies that they either own outright or control a large percentage of the shares. They also founded many of the medical schools and started stressing pharmaceutical drugs over homeopathic cures because they couldn't patent them. During this time frame they started demonizing doctors still practicing homeopathic medicine and started calling them quacks, witch doctors, snake oil salesman, etc.

    It would help in the future that before you open your mouth and make such a ridiculous statement that you do some research first. Why do you think that Pharmacists have to study zoology and botany? Because many drugs are derived from plant based studies.

  14. Edward Nauen says:

    James Michael Carmack – do you understand the difference between homeopathic "medicine" and the natural remedies (some of which were effective) that doctors used to use? Note I criticised homeopathy SPECIFICALLY – it's you who conflated the two (so that's a straw man argument right there). Ironically, Homeopathy ISN'T "plant based", the alleged active ingredient is watered down repeatedly until it contains no measurable amount of the substance in question (based on an ENTIRELY unproven and implausible hypothesis about "water memory"). Like it or not, there is no evidence it works and plenty of evidence that it does not work any better than placebo. Homeopathy is not some benevolent activity carried out by natural healers using ancient wisdom, it is a multi-billion dollar industry these days run by cynical frauds, selling sugar pills and magic water with no clinical effects whatsoever at vast profit to gullible people who lack critical thinking skills – like you. And "do my research"? Very weak, you haven't done yours, clearly, unless you count reading about and believing pseudoscientific claims (and I would hazard a guess, paranoid conspiracy theories too, your sort usually does) as research.

  15. Steve Barr says:

    I expect homeopathic medicines to work as effectively on me as homeopathic petrol would work in my car…

  16. Leslie Wright says:

    Guy Chapman Just wondering about your passion against this method of healing; are you getting paid to slander Natural News and/or the idea of homeopathy? If it is not for you, then it would make sense to walk away peacefully?

  17. Leslie Wright says:

    Guy Chapman Just wondering about your passion against this method of healing; are you getting paid to slander Natural News and/or the idea of homeopathy? If it is not for you, then it would make sense to walk away peacefully?

  18. What I have found about Alzheimer's disease and diet during my 20 years with it is that diet without preservatives almost totally reduces the quantity of symptoms. You can find out more here:

    Hope that helps someone.

  19. Nick Colombo says:

    Any treatments for rheumatoid arthritis?

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