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Russell Simmons Responds to Andre Leon Talley’s Criticism: ‘I Earned My Seat’

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Nearing the end of New York Fashion Week earlier this week, former Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley boldly declared that Russell Simmons should be banned from front-row seats at the event. Talley’s statement came after Simmons uploaded a Harriet Tubman sex tape on YouTube last month.

The fashion industry veteran said: “I think anyone that is a person of achievement on the front row that has achieved a great deal – be they black or white – is a good thing. I don’t think Russell Simmons should be seated on anybody’s front row this week after having done that disgusting Harriet Tubman sex tape.”

As news of the scathing remarks caught Simmons attention, he swiftly responded with a series of tweets yesterday. Check out the screen shot below:

russell simmonsDid both men raise valid points?

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3 thoughts on “Russell Simmons Responds to Andre Leon Talley’s Criticism: ‘I Earned My Seat’

  1. Isaac Hunter says:

    Hell yes, both of them raised valid points! But I think Simmons has indeed earned the right to sit where ever he wants to sit!

  2. Wan Ahmar says:

    Sure it was a little sick humor but it was HUMOR. Ppl always latch on to something and make it worse than it is. Russell Simmons is the godfather(along with Rick Ruben) of the music thats generating 90% of the $$ in music be it hip hop, r&b, pop. If it werent for him Jay Z wouldnt be [email protected]& …. You get the point. Whatever you think about the Harriet Tubman skit it was comedy although crossing the line KEY AND PEEL GOT A HUGE DEAL OFF OF IT!!! Go sit down somewhere with your corny wanna be front and center ass. Lookin like Jays daddy.

  3. If it wasn't for Freedom Fighter Harriet Tubman, Russell Simmons wouldn't be sh$&, get the point!!?? Out of all of the achievements and philanthropic efforts he's made, they still do not compare to the sacrifice and risk taking efforts of Harriet Tubman. Russell Simmona didn't risk his life to get where he got, Harriet Tubman did! He was wrong, disrespectful and too damn old to even go better yet think to go there.. Shame on him and on anybody who justifies him and his actions.

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