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Trump: Vladimir Putin Making President Obama Look like a School Child

In an interview with CNBC, New York businessman Donald Trump said that Vladimir Putin’s New York Times editorial admonishing the U.S. to abide by the United Nations’ authority was “amazingly well-written” and shows the Russian president “wants to become the world leader, and he’s doing that.”

“At the same time Putin is humiliating President Barack Obama, he is also throwing him a lifeline by providing an alternative to launching an unpopular military strike on Syria. He’s really embarrassing the U.S. and he’s embarrassing the president,” Trump said.

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2 thoughts on “Trump: Vladimir Putin Making President Obama Look like a School Child

  1. Tyson Sisco says:

    It is not hard to make Obama look like a school child! He is weak and ineffective and a sissy of a man.

  2. tyson sisco i bet ,you wrong again.obama is the president and must listens to the electorates that elected him as president,so whats the fuss here.he is not the george bushs that got us into this mess in the 1st place.yea he makes some mistakes bt he is human and we want a human being as president,nt a republican or democratic bt a human being that listens to american,and act wisely,and that president obama has proven,again and again.pls lets be rational

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