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NFL May Suspend Ndamukong Suh For ‘Dirty Play’

The NFL is considering a possible suspension for Detroit Lions’ defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh for a low block on Minnesota Vikings center John Sullivan in Sunday’s game. NFL executive vice president of football operations, Ray Anderson, said suspension is a possible punishment.

“All options are on the table with a repeat offender,” Anderson said. “You can honestly say it’s being reviewed for either a fine and/or a suspension, given his repeat-offender status.”

During the game Sunday, Suh was called for a personal foul after he chop blocked Sullivan in the open field as the Lions’ DeAndre Levy returned an interception for a touchdown.

“By any means, I’m not going for his knees,” Suh said after the game. “He knows that. We had a great conversation running out at halftime. And he understood. My aim was his waist, to cut him off.”

Sullivan, who didn’t suffer any injuries in the play, told the St. Paul Pioneer Press he could have been hurt. “I don’t know how it wasn’t,” he said. “I just watched it (on film). That was bad.”

Suh has an alleged history of “dirty play” in the NFL. He was fined five times in his first three years in the league for similar plays.

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