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‘Mistresses’ Season Finale: ‘I Choose You’

Tonight, the first season of “Mistresses” is coming to an end when the finale, “I Choose You” airs on ABC. A road trip to Palm Springs for Savi’s birthday takes a shocking turn, but does it involve the results of the paternity test. Meanwhile, April has a choice to make between her formerly dead husband Paul, and her boyfriend Richard. After the trial, Karen thinks she’s done with the Greys, but Elizabeth Grey confronts her in a final showdown.

Even though there’s a promise that all will be revealed in the season finale, lead actress Alyssa Milano told TV Line that there are some cliffhangers that will segue into the second season.

To find out how all the secrets and drama  is resolved in the season finale of “Mistresses,” tune in to ABC tonight at 9:00 PM EST/8 Central. Until then, check out a preview of the finale.


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