Great Expectations: What to Expect from Apple’s iPhone Event


apple-eventSeptember 10th is almost here, which means the public will finally see what Apple unveils. The tech giant is hosting an event tomorrow that is expected to bring few iPhone products. There has been a long list of rumors surrounding the announcement. Here’s what we know.

New iPhones:

Apple is expected to release two new versions of the phone tomorrow: an iPhone 5S and the new iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5s will have the same form factor as the current iPhone 5, but we can expect a faster processor, updated camera and the much rumored fingerprint sensor to be included in this model.

The iPhone 5C is expected to be the name of the new mid-priced version of the iPhone. It will feature a plastic casing in a multitude of colors, similar to Apple’s iPod offerings. This model is expected to be a game changer for Apple, as it will help their penetration in developing markets.

New operating systems:

Apple has already previewed its new OS for mobile devices and Mac computers. The new mobile platform will be called iOS 7, and is reported to reveal the biggest overhaul of the system since the inception of the iPhone. iOS 7 does look completely different than previous versions, including new features that may even outshine the hardware itself.

In addition to a host of new features, the updated Mac OS, called Mavericks, will be the first not named for a big cat.

New iPad:

Although the upcoming event is primarily about the phones and the OS, a new iPad should also be anticipated. Apple hasn’t updated its famous tablet in a year, and the form factor hasn’t changed in a while either. Look for that to change tomorrow. According to

“Apple’s iPad 5 is expected to take design cues from the current iPad mini, and have a thinner profile and a narrower bezel alongside the same sized screen. The iPad mini, it’s hoped, will get beefed-up chips and possibly a retina display to match its big sister and rival high-res Android peers.”

Apple TV: 

Apple isn’t expected to release new hardware in the TV space tomorrow, but experts are anticipating a software update to the small set top box version of Apple TV. The announcement will may include the addition of more content providers.

Of course users would love to see an actual TV device or an iWatch unveiled, but there is only speculation around those products, not enough facts.

However, the countdown has begun and we’ll see what Apple has up its sleeve.

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