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Naomi Campbell Steals Spotlight at US Open with Maxwell, Kate Upton

Naomi Campbell loves her tennis, and has been spotted at the U.S. Open twice over the weekend, along with fellow model Kate Upton and R&B singer Maxwell.

The U.S. Open has been bringing out lots of A-list celebrities including actress Michelle Dockery and Julianna Margulies from “The Good Wife,” but Naomi seems to be the most dedicated fan so far.

On Saturday the feisty supermodel was spotted at the men’s semifinals in Novak Djokovic’s private box where she kept her eyes glued on the tennis court before her.

Campbell sported a navy blue hat with a large pair of shades, as she tightly clenched her hands together throughout the match between Serbia’s Djokovic and Switzerland’s Stanislas Wawrinka.

It also seemed like perhaps she still had some harsh feelings towards model Karolina Kurkova, who was also spotted at the U.S. Open sitting far away from Campbell.

Both of the gorgeous women were coaches on the reality competition series “The Face” earlier this year and were consistently bumping heads towards the end of the competition.

Karolina was actually joined by the modeling world’s ‘it girl’, Kate Upton, who has become a pop culture sensation after sharing her cat daddy video on YouTube.

Both of the ladies looked incredibly chic and were obviously making it hard for some of the fans to keep their eyes on the game. Several of the men sitting close to the models were caught sneaking long glimpses at the ladies as they sipped from golden flutes in the Moet & Chandon Suite.

Campbell had occupied the same suite the day before with her own famous companion, singer Maxwell.

On Friday, Naomi looked much more fashionably conscious, as she donned some retro-inspired round shades and a flirty black skirt with belted white blouse. She accessorized the outfit with silver anklets, a shimmering gold watch and a turquoise bracelet, adding a pop of color.

While she appeared to be completely absorbed by the game on Saturday, Friday was a different story, as Maxwell proved to be enough to distract the supermodel from time to time.

Several snaps of the two reveal Naomi chatting it up with Maxwell as they also drank from the flashy gold glasses.

Perhaps there was less tension on Friday’s game as Serena Williams squared off with Na Li, since Serena continues to be the top ranked female tennis player in the world right now.

Maxwell wasn’t the only person who Campbell was chatted up, either. Other guests who were seated next to her were also seen laughing along with the A-lister who appeared to be in quite the jubilant mood.

Then again, they may have just been sharing a laugh about Maxwell’s weird snake t-shirt.

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