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Major Accusation: Lupe Fiasco Sued for Allegedly Hiding Drug Money


Lupe Fiasco is being sued by an incarcerated drug dealer’s wife for allegedly hiding millions of dollars on behalf of said dealer, to cheat her out of the money. According to

“According to the wife of former heroin drug lord Charles Patton, Fiasco helped move $9 million in various bank accounts. An investigation of Patton’s paper trail led back the Chicago rapper, born Wassalu Muhammad, the woman claims. She is suing to recoup the money in their ongoing divorce proceedings.

“A lawyer for Fiasco dismissed the allegations telling TMZ, ‘There are no secret accounts and no illicit instructions.'”

Patton is an infamous drug lord from the Chicago scene, and is currently serving a 44-year prison sentence after being arrested on drugs charges. Lupe denies any ties to any of Patton’s illegal activities, however they did have a long-standing relationship before he was incarcerated. According to

“Charles Patton was a partner in Lupe’s 1st and 15th Records. He is also listed as one of the executive producers on Lupe’s first album Food & Liquor.”

There is some smoke here, but seemingly very little. The fact that Lupe’s legal team is unwilling to settle infers that the plaintiff’s claims are baseless, and likely a case for her to cash in on Lupe’s status.

Until proven guilty, Lupe should be treated as innocent.


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