‘Scandal’ Season 3 Trailer Released Online

ABC has released the first official trailer promoting “Scandal,” season 3, and judging by the brief clip, all hell has broken loose in D.C.

At the end of season 2, the secret love affair between Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and President Fitz Grant (Tony Goldwyn)  was revealed. Fast forward 22 minutes, and season 3 picks up where the fallout is in full swing.

In the “Scandal” teaser, we witness Cyrus (Jeff Perry) plotting to “start a kill folder on Olivia Pope;” Mellie (Bellamy Young) angry and threatening to air out more dirty laundry; and a normally calm and collected Olivia losing her cool.

The action kicks off when the “Scandal,” season 3 premiere airs on Oct. 3 at 10p.m. EST. Until then, watch the video above to get a taste of what’s in store.

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