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Johnny Gill Reportedly Sues Hotel For Not Protecting Him Against Racist Attack

R&B singer Johnny Gill is holding the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel responsible for a racial attack that left him injured and unable to work.

Gill filed the suit after he suffered injuries when a drunken white male hurled racial insults and attacked him.

According to Courthouse News Service:

“Plaintiff was seated at the patio area of the dining/cocktail area with friends. At approximately 11 p.m. on said date, another guest, who was obviously very inebriated, sitting at another table in the patio area, without provocation hurled racially charged remarks at plaintiff.

“Plaintiff objected to these unsolicited remarks and when he did so, this individual pushed plaintiff with such force and intensity that plaintiff was thrust up against a heating lamp causing great bodily injury with resulting pain and suffering, major medical expenses and loss of earnings as plaintiff was unable to perform as an entertainer, plaintiff’s extremely successful and lucrative chosen profession for over 20 years.”

Gill is seeking $1 million in damages for “negligence, failure to intervene, failure to exercise reasonable care, pain and suffering and medical expenses,” according to Courthouse News.

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10 thoughts on “Johnny Gill Reportedly Sues Hotel For Not Protecting Him Against Racist Attack

  1. MC Smiley says:

    revelations revelation revelations we are in our last days pppl reveal their true selves.

  2. Jodie Wright says:

    people are so to day crazy that's ashame.

  3. Jodie Wright says:

    what wrong with people to day yes lord we a re.
    in our last day s it s not geting no beter only thang we can do is pray to the good lord that it gets beter.hopes hes ok: )


  5. Karen Cladere says:

    I love that hotel but make them responsible for not intervening. Some people only "get it" when they get hit in the pocket. Good Luck Johnny

  6. That's a damn sham!! He should sue for more money than just the 1 million! He should have taken that racist white dude to court, filing every kinda of charge possible against him, plus kicked his butt real good!!! When no one was looking! This kind of thing I just can't take!

  7. Ooooh sh&@t.wait till I get to work this week. Lol

  8. Freundlich berymt Atraktiv.

  9. Steve Wilson Gps says:

    You're Right! but, that doesn't mean nothing bad is breweing behind our backs (L) :>)

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