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PlateJoy Puts Your Meals on Autopilot

To eat healthier meals and make better food choices, most people know that cooking at home is the best option. Not only are homemade meals typically better for you, it is  cheaper than eating out.

However, for most people with crazy schedules, eating at home is just not convenient every day. But a new website,, is looking to leverage technology to make good eating habits easy.

According to

“PlateJoy aims to put grocery shopping on autopilot, helping users plan healthy meals, guide them with recipes, and assist them with shopping. The ingredients are delivered by partner grocers.

“When users first join PlateJoy, the service asks them questions about their diet, lifestyle, number of people in their household, and the stores where they shop. Users are then able to personalize what they want to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as snacks and desserts.”

PlateJoy plans and automates the process by delivering the ingredients to your home. It also creates meals that only cost on average $5-$7 per person and take less than 30 minutes prep time. This further reinforces the time and money savings offered by the service. Using their technology to reduce food waste, PlateJoy uses ingredients more efficiently.

According to the company’s website: “Our algorithms utilize ingredients across recipes to reduce surplus and save you money.”

PlateJoy was founded by MIT grad Christina Bognet, who found herself 50 pounds overweight and in search of a better way to eat healthier at home. The new service is currently only available in Boston and San Francisco.

Check out the website at

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